G-Tree – Help Plant More Trees in Town

Lets talk Pittsburgh trees! Trees are an important thing here in the city – they help to keep the air clean and the city cooler.  Tree Pittsburgh (which used to be called Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest) is an organization that works with the communities and neighborhoods to preserve and protect Pittsburgh’s urban forest.

Tree Pittsburgh has teamed up with Groupon’s charity site, G-Team, to plant more trees in Pittsburgh.  This isn’t your usual groupon deal – just an opportunity to use the Groupon platform to help Tree Pittsburgh plant more Trees.  Each donation of $10 will plant another Tree here in Pittsburgh.

Click here to buy a tree for Pittsburgh from Groupon

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Arbor Aid – Taking Care of Pittsburgh's Trees

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I know this is short notice for an event but I wanted to highlight this event and the organization that it supports.  Arbor Aid is the annual fundraiser for Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest – which is an amazing group that has been working to preserve, protect and plant new trees in Pittsburgh.

You may have noticed that Pittsburgh continues to be ranked highly on list of places to live and one of the many reasons that Pittsburgh is getting high scores for liveability is the green space in this city.  In Pittsburgh you can afford to live on a tree lined street.  Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest has been working to educate and train city residents to take care of trees in neighborhoods all over the city.  Another great thing about this organization is that they are working closely with residents and local government to keep Pittsburgh a shady city.

So, if you are looking for a great evening on Friday – check out Arbor Aid.  This event is held on the top floor of the Guardian Storage Building in the Strip District.  The event features artwork created from salvaged wood. [Read more…]

Tree Planting in East Liberty

Tree plantingImage by alexindigo via FlickrAfter you have some pancakes at the East Liberty Rotary Pancake Breakfast on Saturday you can walk across the street to Peabody high school and join Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest in planting 115 trees along the median on East Liberty Boulevard. All you need to do is show up, tools and trees will be provided.

Friend of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest is a great group that is doing a ton of work to inventory, preserve and plant more trees here in Pittsburgh.

You can even submit a picture of you next to your favorite tree in Pittsburgh – check out some of these Pittsburgh Tree Lovers here.

Tree Planing
Saturday, November 1, 2008 10 am – 4 pm
Peabody High School Parking Lot

More info here.

h/t BikePGH for posting this event.

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