Distillery Season 2 Exhibtion: Sublimation

Hi Everyone,

Friday the 28th the Brew House Association is going to host the 2nd Annual Distillery Program Exhibition Opening. We are featuring the artworks of:

Brett Davis


Elise Goldstein


Robin Hewlett


Rob Katkowski


Johnothan Minard


Wendy Osher


Joshua Space


Debra Tomson

The Opening will be from 7-10pm and as always gallery events are free and open to the public.The Distillery Program
The Distillery Program at the Brew House Association is an exciting new program that acts as a stepping-stone for participants as they move towards new phases of artistic production and career development. This pilot program addresses the current need for relevant career/professional development opportunities related to the arts as well as exhibition opportunities, and support for working artists by providing individuals with a supportive and dynamic arena in which to pursue studio practice, career development, and an exhibition opportunity in the SPACE 101 gallery during the 2007-2008 season.

Over the course of the six-month program, participants will engage in a series of workshops and dialogues on topics relevant to career opportunities in the arts with Pittsburgh art professionals at the Brew House. Participants meet regularly for studio visits and peer critiques, discussions with guest curators, critics, and other working artists. The culmination of these sessions will be a group exhibition of newly produced work by the participants at Brew House Space 101 Gallery.


"Taste Matters" at Future Tenant – Opening Reception 1/18!

“Taste Matters,” Future Tenant’s newest exhibition by guest curator Robert Raczka opens this Friday, January 18th. This exhibition of 50 hand-picked thrift-store artworks playfully celebrates the creativity of amateurs and anonymous professionals. Stop by our opening reception at 819 Penn Avenue between 6-9pm for food, drink, music, and — of course– great art!

The exhibition will run through February 16th. Gallery hours are Tuesday though Sunday, 12:30-6:00pm.

In the spirit of art auctions and door prizes, the artwork included in “Taste Matters” will be given away to the audience at the conclusion of the show. Beginning on Saturday, February 16th at 12:30 p.m. anyone can choose a work from the exhibit and it will be theirs to keep. Mark your calendars!

For more information visit www.futuretenant.org


Opening Reception: Humongulous Friday Jan 11th 7-10PM Free!

Brew House Space 101 Gallery announces their first Prospectus Series exhibit of the 2007-2008 gallery season: “Prospectus I: Humongulous.” “Humongulous” showcases an exhibition confronting definitions of identity through the works of Maria Mangano, Jairan Sadeghi, and Charlie Wright as well as an exhibition of works from Julius Houser presented in conjunction with the Independent Living Initiative (ILI). ILI is a program through the Executive Office of Allegheny County Department of Human Services. The ILI assists youth, ages 16-24, who are or have been in an out-of-home placement through Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth and Families. Seven ILI staff provide individualized services, such as assistance with post-secondary preparation and planning, job readiness, housing and a mentoring program.

Opening: Friday, January 11, 2008 from 7 -10 pm, FREE
2100 Mary Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Exhibition run: Friday, January 11, 2008 – Febraury 23, 2008
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 1-4 pm
Wednesday 6-9 pm
Thursday 6-9 pm
Saturday 12-6 pm

Bio, Maria Mangano is a native of Syracuse, New York. She earned her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and lives and works in Pittsburgh. Her work is influenced by the natural world and its manifestations in museums, art, and academia.

Bio, Jairan Sadeghi earned her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. She has exhibited at SPACE Gallery, the Brewhouse, and Modern Formations Gallery.

Bio, Charlie Wright is a freelance illustrator and designer living in Pittsburgh. He is originally from Oakland, California and came to Pennsylvania to attend Carnegie Mellon’s BFA program.

Artist Statement, Maria Mangano, Jairan Sadeghi, and Charlie Wright:

We confront definitions of identity–those we endeavor to establish individually, and also those that are imposed upon us by cultural institutions: our relationship with the natural world is filtered through the dusty lens of academia, which champions antiquated attitudes; the media manipulates our self-perceptions and usurps our ability to locate ourselves in society; conventional nationalisms contend with the ethnic “other”, and raise questions about family and purpose. Through our art-making, we react to these forces and exemplify our own agency in forming our identities.

Special Projects Gallery:

Bio, Julius Houser Sixteen year-old Julius Houser is a junior at Northgate High School. At age eight he was dissatisfied with the rigidity of his Christmas gift toys so he reached for the available bread-bag twisters. What emerged from his imagination was a supremely flexible action figure. Young Julius was impressed by the creative forces these manipulations revealed. He made more. He shared his collection of figures with his third grade art class. The whole group erupted into applause at the display of these powerful little men. Recognizing Julius’ gift, the teacher supplied him with yards of telephone wire. From those simple strands Julius crafted creatures real, mimicked, and imagined. Displayed here is a sample of Julius Houser’s action figures: powerful super heroes, King Kong, Godzilla, a dragon, even a fairy princess.

Artist Statement, Julius Houser:

Thought experiments about the power of movement within physical and social structures drive creation of these action figures. Each design is a fantastic expression of this concept. Each piece grows outward from a strong, flexible core. Intentionally constructed for play, they can be maneuvered. Pick one up. Hold it. Arrange it. Let your imagination fly with it.
About the Brew House Association:
The Brew House Association is located at the corner of 21st and Mary Streets in historic South Side. Berw House Space 101 activities are free and open to the public. The Brew House Association is a 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization.

The Brew House Association
2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412.381.7767

Closing Reception this Friday! 7pm – 10pm

Hello everyone,

Don’t miss the new art show at the Brew House this Friday, December 14th. Projects made by Pittsburghers in the Brew House Robot 250 workshop will be unveiled. Also on display will be work by members of the Rossum’s Robotic Art Collective and Doug Hill. The reception runs from 7pm to 10pm and is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments and music will also be provided.

The Brew House Association

2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-381-7767

The Uncanny Valley Rally is an exhibition of work from the Rossum’s Robotic Art Collective. Participating Rossum’s artists include Jennifer Gooch, Joey Hays, Ian Ingram, Greg Satul, Tiffany Sum, Rexy Tseng, Gregory Witt, Derk Wolmuth and Garth Zeglin. Also participating in the show is Doug Hill, a self taught artist who makes complex mechanical sculptures out of cardboard and the participants of the Robot 250 Brew House Open Studio taught by Tom Sarver and Ian Ingram.

Robot 250 is an educational, research and celebratory project being developed to coincide with Pittsburgh’s 250th anniversary celebration. Student workshops, open studios for local artists and the curious, giant public robotic sculptural installations, tours, and exhibitions will highlight our region’s leadership position in robotics education, research, invention, manufacture and art.

Space 101 activities are free and open to the public. Exhibitions are made possible by the Small Arts Initiative of the Heinz Endowments, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, an anonymous donor and
individual contributions. The BHA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.