Pretty, Vacant: Recapping the Vacant Home Tour

VHTre_816 South Avenue

The Vacant Home Tour through Wilkinsburg took place on a hot Saturday, May 9th. 88 degrees was too hot to bike from Millvale comfortably, but I didn't know that until I was standing (uncomfortably) at the registration desk. The walking tour was a little over two miles round trip and, while technically not in the City of Pittsburgh, included a hill or two. Each tour goer picked up a booklet that had descriptions of each home and a map then were sent up the hill to Singer place to the first … [Read more...]

FREE Green Building Workshop on Feb. 18


The Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation is a great organization that has been doing some great work here in Pittsburgh since 1964.  This workshop is just one of the many programs they offer throughout the year. If you are looking to learn more about historic buildings or just want to meet some great people - check out one of their SOTS events.   SOTS is short for the Society of Tavern Seekers - every few months they meet at a historic bar in Pittsburgh for a happy hour … [Read more...]

Yinz Asked, We Answered: Summer Birthday Ideas


Yinz Asked: "As I'm getting older, it's getting harder and harder to find things to do to celebrate my birthday with friends. I'll be 32 the last week of June and I have a mix of friends with a range of ages and interests. I'd like to share my day with a lot of my friends, but I have no idea what we could all do together. Any suggestions on where we could go or what we could do?" - JK We Answered: Celebrating a birthday is a great excuse to organize a group and take advantage of some of … [Read more...]