The Found Magazine Tour Stops in Pgh on Sept. 5 – Win Tickets!

FOUND 10 and MY HEART IS AN IDIOT Tour Poster by Fred Chao

It’s funny how things work out – I was sitting here at my desk bemoaning the end of summer fun – I know summer doesn’t end for a few weeks but it seems like the summer fun stops at Labor Day.  Then I started reading some of the emails and tweets I ignored while I […]

Crafting and Storytelling – Pittsburgh Screening of "Handmade Nation"

Image by tigerlillyshop via Flickr Handmade Nation is a documentary film about the rise of all things handmade and crafty by artist and filmmaker Faythe Levine.   I first learned about this film at the Craft Congress – a meeting of craft fair organizers – that was first held in Pittsburgh in 2007.  You can […]

Pittsburghers are Tasty – New York Times Looks at T-shirts and Cities

Today’s New York Times has a nice little article about t-shirts and city pride. The article includes references to GLUE – Great Lakes Urban Exchange, and the Pittsburghers are Tasty T-shirt. I have just added some more tasty t-shirts and tote bags to the shop. I enjoyed talking to the reporter for this article […]