Shopping Downtown At the Arts Festival


Visitors interested in shopping at this year’s Arts Festival won't be disappointed. The Artist Market, which runs every day during the festival from 12-8pm, offers many unique items such as wearable fiber, precious jewelry, and other mediums like ceramics, drawings, mixed media, photography, and paintings. Creators of these pieces come from all parts of the country after applying and being selected to participate. Their art is available for purchase right at the event for you to take home. Once … [Read more...]

Yinz Asked, We Answered: Summer Birthday Ideas


Yinz Asked: "As I'm getting older, it's getting harder and harder to find things to do to celebrate my birthday with friends. I'll be 32 the last week of June and I have a mix of friends with a range of ages and interests. I'd like to share my day with a lot of my friends, but I have no idea what we could all do together. Any suggestions on where we could go or what we could do?" - JK We Answered: Celebrating a birthday is a great excuse to organize a group and take advantage of some of … [Read more...]

Light Up Night Squared


Image via Wikipedia There are now two great places to celebrate Light Up Night tomorrow in Pittsburgh - Downtown and Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington Light Up Night More info including a list of Light Up Night Specials available at Schedule of Events 5-7pm Decorate a tree with Santa – Charles Lewis Park (next to the Firehouse) 6-7pm Duquesne University’s Performance Notes Ensemble holiday sing along 5-8pm Tour 221 Shiloh … [Read more...]