Questyinz: Where can dogs swim in Pittsburgh?

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Alona asked, “We just got a new puppy! He’s a black lab mix – and boy is this heat getting to him. Where’s a good place in or around Pittsburgh to take a dog for a swim? Thanks!”

So glad that Alona asked “in or around” as the following places are scattered all over the Pittsburgh metro area.  The good news is that there are a lot of different options to try – check out each of these until you find one that your new puppy wants to call his swimming hole of choice.  Anyone else know a great spot?  Please add your recommendations in Comments.

45 minutes from the city is Lucky Paws Pet Resort, Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2009 pick for “Best Dog Pool.”  It’s $10 for a visit or $175 for an annual pass.  Check out the website, they aren’t kidding when they say “resort,” its like the Four Seasons of dog pools.

Another park that is in a league of their own is Misty Pines Dog Park Co. in Sewickley.  The pond that they have closes to the public when they have their dog swim classes (no joke, they have “Dock Diving”) so you will want to check the website for times.

As for parks that have pet friendly waters, there are several.  Lower Frick Park has a small fenced off area with a water feature.  It’s right off Tranquil trail.   They call it “Hot Dog Dam,” tee hee.  It’s very shady down there, so that helps too.

Northmoreland Lake in Northmoreland County Park is another option, although it’s closer to Greensburg, so it’s 25 minutes out of town.  It’s not a dog swimming hole by definition, more like they don’t oppose it.

The following article from last fall’s Post-Gazette covers two great events for dog swimming at area pools that are usually for humans. At the end of the season, Sandcastle and the Dormont Pool allow dogs to swim for a day.  See the article for more details.

I hope this gives you and your pup some direction.  If you are lucky, maybe he’ll learn the Triple Lindy in dock diving school!  If so, please send video.