The correct answer is Kassab's!


Congratulations to Becca at Venture Outdoors for being the first to correctly identify the location of this picture. This is the mural at Kassab's on Carson Street in the Southside. The beef schwarma was delicious. Should I post more picture trivia? … [Read more...]

Pretzel Love

I have been posting some reviews of Pittsburgh places over on Yelp! (I think everyone else should leave their reviews and pictures there too). I know I have blogged about my love for the Pretzel shop before but I am going to share it again. I stopped in this morning and I love this place! This is a picture of a bag of fresh pretzels that I picked up this morning. This is THE BEST place to eat in Pittsburgh. I wish I could give this place 10 stars. I love pretzels! I love this place. I … [Read more...]