“Art is everything my parents told me not to do” (Post-It Note Wisdom from Art All Night)


At this years Art All Night there was a giant time line and vistors were asked to add their Art All Night memories to the board. While there were lots of interesting memories stuck on to the board, this post-it note jumped out at me.  In case you can’t read the post-it… Green Note: “Art is everything my parents told me not to do” Grey Note: “SAME HERE! It’s a damned shame I listened to them.  I’m 56 now and finally I’m enjoying art more

Art, Carp, Fire and More – Just Your Avg. Weekend in Pgh


So, it might be a little chilly this weekend – but all of these events will be happening rain or shine.  Big weekend of things to do in Pittsburgh.  Lots of free events.  Here is the list of details and links for the events we discussed on WDVE this morning. Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District Friday, April 27, 2012.   5:30-9pm. The Cutlural District, Downtown. Galleries stay open late with free events for the evening.  This month more

Art, Carp, Shakespeare and Oh! Susanna – Radio Round Up – April 23, 2010

Image by stephjoyous via Flickr Friday – Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District, 5:30-9pm Galleries, exhibits and more, check out wedding themed art at Salon Christine Boca Chica at the Backstage Bar from 5:30-7:30 Shakespeare Sonnet-a-thon / BYOB (Bring Your Own Bard) Friday, April 23, 2010 Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks and Poets Corner co-host a sonnet and monologue contest to honor the Bard’s 446th birthday. Actors and non-actors more

Saturday Night, Alright, Alright – 6 great events for Sat. April 24

Image by mknobil via Flickr Okay, so I am not the biggest elton John fan, but I wasn’t sure how else to title this post to convey the excitement about Saturday Night.  Here are 6 great events happening in Pittsburgh.  All worthy of your attention.  From art to fishing to cake there is something for everyone this Saturday. Art All Night: Lawrenceville – all art, all night long, Facebook Event Burnin’ Up: an Earth Day/ Global Warming affair more

Carp All Night

I can’t believe that we at  IheartPGH have not posted on this important annual event before. Thanks to the folks at Venture Outdoors for reminding me that this weekend is Carp All Night, which is a sister event to Art All Night.  Join some fishermen and fisherwomen for an all night carp fishing extravaganza. The umpteenth annual Carp All Night takes place this Saturday, April 25, in Lawrenceville, beneath the 40th Street Bridge. Fishing equipment more

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