home made pierogi

“every day is pierogi day, in pittsburgh”

I was browsing the Pittsburgh subreddit which is a great place to find out about local events, news and interesting facts about this town. There is a post about the fact that Thursday, October 8 is National Pierogi Day. I don’t know who created National Pierogi Day or why it is in October. I come from […]


Bloomfield Celebrates the Stoop on Saturday, October 10

The community group, Bloomfield Liveable Streets is organizing a celebration of Bloomfield’s beautiful stoops on Saturday, October 10. You can get all of the details on the Stoop City Website here. You can check out the Facebook event for Stoop City here. Bloomfield Liveable Streets is looking for people who want to perform and people […]


Beethoven + Coldplay + Pittsburgh Symphony = FUSE@PSO

Earlier this year the Pittsburgh Symphony performed the first in the series of mash-up performances called FUSE@PSO. The next FUSE@PSO performance is Beethoven + Coldplay and takes place on Tuesday, October 6. I had the opportunity to meet Steve Hackman who is the conductor of these performances last week. He is new to Pittsburgh and […]


Pittstarter: Play Games with LFG

Last week, I took a trip out to Brookline to sit down and get defeated at a variety of games at Looking for Group (LFG). The name and its abbreviation is a well known phrase in gaming communities- the online call of “does anyone want to play with me?”   LFG hopes that you want […]


Movement for Increased Passenger Rail Service in Pittsburgh Gaining Steam

Gloria Skillings arrived at Pittsburgh’s Penn Station from Philadelphia on a recent August evening. She opted to take the train for the scenic value and because it’s less hassle than flying. Still, Skillings laments Pittsburgh’s Amtrak service, “It’s limited.” She’s right. Only one train per day departs from Pittsburgh and services Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York […]