Wed. May 26 – Knitting for Absolute Beginnger (Free class and dinner)

Image via Wikipedia Always wanted to learn to knit? Here is your chance to get a free lesson (and some free dinner) and to check out the Fe gallery in Lawrenceville. CommuniTeach is a website that is co-founded by a Pittsburgher one of his friends in Chicago.  The idea is to create a website where people can share their skills and learn new things.  Communiteach offers Learn-its on all kinds of things from guitar lessons, yoga, cooking, knitting and more. This Wednesday, CommuniTeach will … [Read more...]

Links Worth a Look – May 19th

Here are some links/articles/blog posts that are worth a look: Great Lakes Urban Exchange Conference 2010 - Urban Laboratories - Join other city lovers to share ideas and discuss issues. This years conference is in Cleveland - July 15-17, 2010. We were lucky enough to attend last years conference in Milwaukee and would highly recommend this to anyone interested in urban issues of mid-west cities Coffee, record and comic book shops to open all in one building in Polish Hill - More great … [Read more...]

What Do Tequila, Yard Sales, Lawn Bowling Have in Common? (Radio Round Up – May 14, 2010)

Image by marshlight via Flickr You can sample all of these and more in Pittsburgh this weekend - This is the weekend when Pittsburgh wakes up from its long winter nap. Lots of great reasons to get outside and check out the neighborhoods!  Lots of good - free (and low costs) ways to check out the city. Agave Nights @ Phipps Conservatory The agave plant at phipps is blooming - the agave plant can live for 100 years and only blooms once in its lifetime, currently the plant is growing 12 … [Read more...]

Yinz Asked, We Answered: Summer Birthday Ideas

Yinz Asked: "As I'm getting older, it's getting harder and harder to find things to do to celebrate my birthday with friends. I'll be 32 the last week of June and I have a mix of friends with a range of ages and interests. I'd like to share my day with a lot of my friends, but I have no idea what we could all do together. Any suggestions on where we could go or what we could do?" - JK We Answered: Celebrating a birthday is a great excuse to organize a group and take advantage of some of … [Read more...]

Go Behind Closed Doors – South Side Home Tour – May 15, 2010

Image via Wikipedia You have probably walked past many of these house before - now is the chance to take a tour of the insides and back yards of a dozen different abodes in Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood.  I know one of the homeowners and she has been working diligently to make sure everything is ready for you to take a peek around her house.  The South Side Home Tour should be extra interesting  -  many of the homes on the South Side look a lot different on the inside than they do on … [Read more...]