goat eats kid in lion costume

Video of Goat vs. Little Lion at Schramm Farms

I am not one for watching and sharing animal videos.  But, I will make exceptions ... my friend Olga shared this video of her daughter visiting Schramm Farm and meeting the goats.  Olga's daughter was wearing her lion costume to visit the farm. This goat was a fan of this little lion and Olga happened to be recording their encounter.  The little lion is completely fine - a little shocked, but fine.  I am sharing this video with the permission of the parents. Loading Goat got her good! … [Read More...]


Pitt-starter: Less than 24hrs to Help DuoScreen Reach Goal

Pitt-starter is our series of blog posts on Pittsburgh related crowdfunding campaigns.  You can check out past Pitt-starter posts here. It is down to the wire for this one, but Pittsburghers are good at lastminute comebacks.  DuoScreen is a Pittsburgh startup that is part of the ThrillMill incubator in East Liberty.  I have had the opportunity to get to know the founders of DuoScreen over the past 10 months and I really like these guys.  Not only will they sit around and let me talk about … [Read More...]


Like, Follow, Love – Handcrafted Vote Signs, Beer & Ice Cream Sandwiches, Update on Superior Motors

Here are a whole lot of links from around the web that I think Pittsburgh lovers will like... LIKE on Facebook: Pole-2-Polls is crafting out the vote.  A group of local crafters are making handmade vote signs that are showing up around town. FOLLOW on Twitter: @AlcosanWWTP get to know your local wastewater treatment plant ATTEND this Event: Beer + Ice Cream Sandwiches! Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches is pairing up with the Brew Gentleman for the ultimate afternoon snack on Saturday, … [Read More...]

Pittsburgh Coffee Week

Get Ready for Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week

Move over Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, the coffee lovers are taking over.  Next week, October 13-18, is Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week. Daily Coffee News has all the details and a preview of some of the specialty coffee week events - get all of the details here. Follow @PghCoffeeWeek for updates.   … [Read More...]


How Pittsburgh Gets Ready for the Pirates Postseason

If you are new to Pittsburgh, or are just a casual Pirates fan - you may be wondering why everyone is walking around in an extra layer of black and gold.  It is a BIG day in Pittsburgh.  The Pirates play a postseason game tonight at PNC Park. Here are few of the ways that Pittsburgh is getting ready for the game tonight.  We want to see how you are preparing for the Pirates postseason game - share your tweets and photos with the #PGHfanatics The Independent Brewing Company Break Out The … [Read More...]

One of my favorite photos of Pittsburgh, snapped on a previous StepTrek

Links N’At – What is the correct glassware for an IC Light?

Here are A few links about Pittsburgh n'at that we think are worth a click... Robotics Incubator coming to Oakland // @PghBizTimes In case you haven't noticed - non-pittsburghers are moving to town.  NextPittsburgh has profiles 6 people and what brought them to town - New talent: 6 recent hires and what drew them to Pittsburgh //  @NEXTPittsburgh Wanna hang out with a bunch of developers?  Check out the Pittsburgh Code & Supply MeetUp For the serious beer drinkers and history … [Read More...]

Brew Gentleman Braddock Steeler Game

Watch the Steeler Game in the Shadow of a Steel Mill

I often try to think of the MOST Pittsburgh place one can watch the Steeler game, that doesn't involved going to the game.  Well I don't think it gets more Pittsburgh than this - now you can watch the game next to a steel mill. The Brew Gentleman is a new brewery that opened this year in Braddock, just down the road from the Edgar Thomson Steelworks, which is a steel mill that is still that opened in 1872 and is still in operation today. The brewery was founded by two wonderful fellows who … [Read More...]

house of gold before and afer

Pittstarter – A Gentle Demolition of The House of Gold

Update 9/24 - Just 24 hours left til the Kickstarter deadline and the artist needs to raise $12,000.  Click here to go directly to the Kickstarter page for the House of Gold. I learned about the House of Gold project over the summer and I wanted to share this Kicstarter project that only has a few more days to reach the funding goal.   Artist Dee Briggs lives next door to this house on Swissvale avanue. Last year, Dee was able to purchase the house thanks to the Allegheny County Vacant … [Read More...]

Photo Credit: David Dicello http://davedicello.com/

(Super) Moon Over Pittsburgh

This impressive picture of the supermoon over PPG place was featured on Time.com last week. The photo was taken by Pittsburgh photographer Dave Dicello, check out some of his other photography at davedicello.com and follow @DaveDiCello on Twitter. Here is another supermoon photo that he shared on twitter - Just a few more #supermoon over #Pittsburgh shots! This is the first view I captured, with the moon by 1 Oxford Ctr. pic.twitter.com/0mMcWzUyDL — Dave DiCello (@DaveDiCello) … [Read More...]

Pittsburgh Events Listing

20 Events You Need to Know About – September 2014

So much to do in this town, so little time! Here are 25 events around town.  Some are from our favorite organizations, many are new organizations hosting launch events, volunteer training and business fairs. Boundaries: A collection of photographs that explores what holds us back @ Miss L Photography - Friday, September 12 // 7pm The Pitch (Part of Thrival Festival) @ AlphaLab Gear - Saturday, September 13 // 11am-1pm // @ThrivalFestival @AlphaLabGear Pittsburgh Brown Mamas Makeup N' … [Read More...]