Links Worth a Look – July 6th

Here are some links/articles/blog posts that are worth a look: Big Burrito Email List - If you like food, restaurants, cooking or learning more about a Pittsburgh business - we suggest that you sign up for the Big Burrito Mailing List - they do a really nice job with the updates each month and it is nice to read more about how their restaurants come together, where the food comes from and what non profits they are working to support each month. If you are a business owner this is a great … [Read more...]

Even More Day Light – From Pittsburgh to Reykjavik


Image by Barack Obama via Flickr I have know Ben for a few years now and I think we have shared some of his videos here on the blog.  I just received an email update from him about his summer residency in Iceland.  I thought it might be interesting to show off Ben and some other Pittsburghers who are visiting interesting places this summer.  If you know of a Pittsburgher who is traveling or living somewhere interesting for the summer - please share a link to their blog.  Maybe we can make this … [Read more...]

Photos from T-shirt Day – Lots of Great Pittsburgh T-shirts

Last Monday - some of Pittsburgh biggest t-shirt fans gathered at OTB Cafe to celebrate International T-shirt Day 2010 - while this day was in celebration of all t-shirts - it was amazing to see that everyone showed up in their finest Pittsburgh t-shirts.  And we had an amazing collection of Pittsburgh t-shirts that we raffled off. Here are some of the shirts that Commonwealth Press offers - you can buy these shirts at their shop on Carson Street or online at T-shirts from … [Read more...]

Links Worth a Look – June 29th

Here are some links/articles/blog posts that are worth a look: Women and Girls Foundation Visits the White House - eight young women from the Women and Girls Foundation’s Regional Change Agents and GirlGov were invited to visit the White House last week for an event on mentoring. They were able to meet president Obama and attend a luncheon at the White House. Congrats to the Women and Girls Foundation! P-Rogues - Pierogi Greeting Cards available at Urban Gypsy (from Blogski) - … [Read more...]

Links Worth a Look – June 25th

Here are some links/articles/blog posts that are worth a look: Pittsburgh Magazine's List of Cheap Eats - Pittsburgh Magazine has put together a big, big list of cheap - or cheaper places to eat in the burgh. Some of our favorites are on this list - you really can't beat a sandwich from the Pretzel shop. Yes, the list does start with a burger at Eleven - not a place that you would think for a cheap eats list - but keep reading for some other great dining deals in Pittsburgh. An old … [Read more...]