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    • How do I submit an event or story?
      • Events – you can submit an event to the events calendar here
      • Links – you can submit a link to be added to our links page here.
  • Contact
    • We would love to hear from you – drop us a line info @ iheartpgh.com.  If you are contacting us about promoting your event – please submit that to our events calendar here before you send us an email – it will help us get your event up on the site faster.
  • Write for IheartPGH
    • We are always looking for new writers.  We would like you to commit to writing once or twice a week. If you would like to be a regular writer for IheartPGH please email us at info @ Iheartpgh.com.  Not sure what to write about?  Thats okay – we have tons of story ideas and could use your help.
  • IheartPGH Gear – T-shirts, Totes, Baby Bibs and more
  • Website Hosting
    • We use pair Networks for website hosting – pair is located in Pittsburgh!
  • Advertisements/Promotions
    • IheartPGH earns a tiny bit of revenue from ads and affiliate links.  Monies earned support the site , donations to Pittsburgh organizations  and occasionally pizza for the bloggers.
    • Ads – We are currently running Google AdSense, Skim Link Ads and Text Link Ads on the site.
    • Affiliate Links – sometimes we use an affiliate link for Amazon, Groupon and Living Social links – when you click through one of the affiliate links we earn a small percentage (1%-8%) from your purchase. Affiliate programs we participate in:
    • Giveaways – occasionally companies give us tickets and other items – we do our best to disclose what has been given to IheartPGH for promotional purposes.
  • Other Questions
    • How can I add this website to my RSS Feeder?
    • Our RSS feed is: http://www.iheartpgh.com/wp-rss.php
    • What IS an RSS feeder?
    • RSS feeders (or aggregators) are computer applications that list newspaper headlines or blog updates every time they are updated. They are a convenient to keep track of information. To learn how to use one, check out this handy-dandy Guide to Using RSS from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.This video, RSS in Plain English, does a darn great job of explaining RSS, it is worth 5 minutes of your time.

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