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Studio Ghibli Film Fest: Miyazaki + Takahata

December 1, 2017 @ 11:30 AM - December 14, 2017 @ 11:30 PM

Take a break from everything and watch some of the world’s greatest anime by Miyazaki and Takahata during Studio Ghibli Fest at Row House Cinema: 12/1-12/14. Two weeks of Studio Ghibli!

– Only Yesterday
– Porco Rosso
– Princess Mononoke
– Spirited Away
– The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya
– The Wind Rises

Tickets: http://bit.ly/GhibliRH
6 Movie Pass: http://bit.ly/GhibliMoviePass

**All Movies Before 6:00pm are English Dubs and all others are Japanese Audio w/ English Subtitles**

– Friday, Dec. 1 –
Porco Rosso (ENG Dub)- Noon
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 2:10 pm
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – 4:45 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya – 7:20 pm
Spirited Away – 10:10 pm

– Saturday, Dec. 2 –
Spirited Away – Cereal Cinema (ENG Dub) – 9:30am
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (ENG Dub) – 1:00 pm
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 4:00 pm
Princess Mononoke – 7:00 pm
Porco Rosso – 9:45 pm

– Sunday, Dec. 3 –
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – 12:15 pm
Princess Mononoke (ENG Dub) – 3:00 pm
The Wind Rises – 6:00 pm
Spirited Away – 8:45 pm

– Monday, Dec. 4 –
Princess Mononoke (ENG Dub) – 1:30 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (ENG Dub) – 4:15 pm
Spirited Away – 7:10 pm
The Wind Rises – 9:45 pm

– Tuesday, Dec. 5 –
Spirited Away (ENG Dub) – 1:45 pm
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – 4:30 pm
Porco Rosso – 7:00 pm
Princess Mononoke – 9:15 pm

– Wednesday, Dec. 6 –
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – Noon
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – 2:35 pm
Porco Rosso (ENG Dub) – 5:00 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya – 9:40 pm

– Thursday, Dec. 7 –
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (ENG Dub) – 1:15 pm
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 4:15 pm
Only Yesterday – 7:00 pm
Porco Rosso – 9:30 pm

– Friday, Dec. 8 –
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – Noon
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 2:25 pm
Porco Rosso (ENG Dub) – 5:00 pm
Spirited Away – 7:15 pm
Princess Mononoke – 9:50 pm

– Saturday, Dec. 9 –
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 11:45 am
Spirited Away (ENG Dub) – 4:35 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya – 7:10 pm
Porco Rosso – 9:55 pm

– Sunday, Dec. 10 –
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (ENG Dub) – 12:30 pm
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – 3:20 pm
Princess Mononoke – 6:00 pm
Porco Rosso – 8:45 pm

– Monday, Dec. 11 –
Only Yesterday (ENG Dub) – 1:50 pm
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 4:20 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya – 9:00 pm

– Tuesday, Dec. 12 –
Porco Rosso (ENG Dub) – 2:15 pm
Spirited Away (ENG Dub) – 4:20 pm
Princess Mononoke – 7:00 pm
The Wind Rises – 9:45 pm

– Wednesday, Dec. 13 –
Princess Mononoke (ENG Dub) – 1:30 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (ENG Dub) – 4:15 pm
Only Yesterday – 7:10 pm
Spirited Away – 9:40 pm

– Thursday, Dec. 14 –
The Wind Rises (ENG Dub) – 2:20 pm
Porco Rosso (ENG Dub) – 5:00 pm
The Tale of Princess Kaguya – 7:05 pm
Princess Mononoke – 9:50 pm

About “Only Yesterday”
Takahata. Having lived her whole life in the city, 27-year-old Taeko decides to visit her relatives in the countryside. As she travels, memories of her youth resurface and after meeting young farmer Toshio, she wonders if she’s been true to the dreams of her childhood self.

Deftly switching between past and present, Only Yesterday is a masterpiece of time and tone, rich with humor and stirring emotion, and beautifully animated.

About “Porco Rosso”
Miyazaki. This unsung treasure nestles a tale of morality and identity inside a soaring airborne adventure — a tribute to early aviation and the reckless flyboys whose home was the open sky.

Set in a mid-war Italy swept by fascism, the film follows the life of Marco, a world-weary flying ace-turned bounty hunter who plies his trade above the waters of the Adriatic. Somewhere along the way a curse has transformed Marco’s head into the head of a pig, reflecting his loss of faith in humanity. Marco meets his polar opposite in the innocent and energetic 17-year-old Fio, an aspiring airplane designer, and the two are catapulted into an airborne adventure pursued by air pirates, the Italian army, and an egotistical American flying ace.

Miyazaki fans will be familiar with the writer/director’s fascination with flight; in this film, Miyazaki indulges his passion to the fullest. An avid aviation buff, Miyazaki’s airplane designs conform scrupulously to the technology of the period. But most impressive are the exhilarating aerial scenes: sweeping panoramas of wind, cloud, smoke and water and the breathtaking feeling of soaring though the air in an open cockpit.

About “Princess Mononoke”
Miyazaki. Princess Mononoke is a landmark of animation and a film of unsurpassed power and beauty. An epic story of conflict between humans, gods, and nature, the film has been universally acclaimed by critics and broke box office records on its original release in Japan.

While defending his village from a demonic boar-god, the young warrior Ashitaka becomes afflicted with a curse that grants him super-human power in battle but will eventually take his life. Traveling west to find a cure or meet his destiny, he journeys deep into sacred depths of the Great Forest where he meets San (Princess Mononoke), a girl raised by wolf-gods who is waging battle against the human outpost of Iron Town, on the edge of the forest. The girl Mononoke is a force of nature – with blood smeared lips, riding bareback on a great white wolf, doing battle with both gods and humans, she is as iconic a figure as any from film, literature, or opera.

About “Spirited Away”
Miyazaki’s Academy Award®-winning masterpiece Spirited Away was the biggest box office hit of all time in Japan and a film that helped redefine the possibilities of animation for American audiences and a generation of new filmmakers.

Wandering through an abandoned carnival site, ten-year-old Chichiro is separated from her parents and stumbles into a dream-like spirit world where she is put to work in a bathhouse for the gods, a place where all kinds of nonhuman beings come to refresh, relax and recharge. Here she encounters a vast menagerie of impossibly inventive characters — shape-shifting phantoms and spirits, some friendly, some less so — and must find the inner strength to outsmart her captors and return to her family.

About “The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya”
Takahata. “The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya” revists Japan’s most famous folktale in this gorgeous, hand-drawn masterwork, decades in the making. Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter and his wife, a tiny girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. The mysterious young princess enthralls all who encounter her – but ultimately she must confront her fate, the punishment for her crime.

About “The Wind Rises”
Miyazaki. Jiro dreams of flying and designing beautiful airplanes, inspired by the famous Italian aeronautical designer Caproni. Nearsighted and unable to be a pilot, he becomes one of the world’s most accomplished airplane designers, experiencing key historical events in an epic tale of love, perseverance and the challenges of living and making choices in a turbulent world.


December 1, 2017 @ 11:30 AM
December 14, 2017 @ 11:30 PM
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