Fangtastic Fiesta – Mad Mex Halloween Party!!!

Image by rossaroni via Flickr One of the more frequent questions asked here at IheartPGH is what should I do for Halloween/New Years/Fourth of July? So I thought I would get a head start on an answer for that with this Halloween Party from Mad Mex which is one of the best best BEST places to eat in Pittsburgh. I am loyal to the Oakland Mad Mex but given this space locations I understand why the party is moving to the Cranberry and Robinson locations more

Post-Gazette Article on the Upcoming Why Pittsburgh Party

Image via Wikipedia I wrote about the Why Pittsburgh Party on Friday and I wanted to post a follow up because I was worried that the info would get lost in the weekend emails.  The Post-Gazette beat me to it with a great article about the upcoming Why Pittsburgh Party on September 17, 2009 (click here for the party details). Here are some highlights from the article: Carrie Hagan, a graduate student in history and policy at Carnegie Mellon more

"I Think You Should Apply for It!"

While living in NC for 14+ years, my husband and I would pack up the fam and make the 8 hour trek home at least twice a year and sometimes more often.  On the way north, we eagerly awaited the chance to be greeted by the Monongahela River which flows under a bridge somewhere near Morgantown, WV.  Without fail we would shout “Hello, Mon!”   – I know, super corny.  At that point in the trip we could get a signal from WDVE and it was as if more

Dancing to the Pennsylvania Polka at the Accordian Pool Party

Dancing to the Pennsylvania Polka at the Accordian Pool Party, originally uploaded by IheartPGH. In the Leslie Park swimming pool in lawrenceville. more

There's No Place Like Pittsburgh!

Installment 1 – The decision is made. Correct me if I’m wrong here but as I remember it, all Judy Garland had to do to get back to Kansas was the following: 1. look thoroughly annoyed from having wasted so much time and learned nothing new 2. click heels of the appropriate, sparkly footwear three times 3. repeat catchy mantra And then she woke up and everything was back to normal. Is it me? Does this stuff only work for natives of Kansas or more

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