Lyft Expands Pittsburgh Coverage Area

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Almost two months ago - I wrote a blog post about how the car service with the pink mustaches is launching in Pittsburgh.  It looks like Pittsburgh has embraced this transportation alternative. I was actually in the middle of writing a post about how Lyft is another transportation option to get from the city to the airport.  Until today the Lyft drivers would only pick up in the city coverage area.  But, that just changed with the announcement that Lyft has expanded their coverage area in … [Read more...]

Lyft Launches in Pittsburgh: Can a Pink Mustache Solve Our Cab Problem?


UPDATE March 2014: If you are interested in trying Lyft - click here to get $25 in ride credit.  If you are interested in becoming a driver for Lyft - click here to apply.  I think that one of the things that keeps Pittsburgh from being competitive with other cities is transit.  Both transit to and from the city and transit within the city limits. Can New Apps/Services Address the Cab Problem in Pittsburgh? If you go to most major US cities - you can hail a cab.  It is no secret that, … [Read more...]

Get on Board with Port Authority’s ConnectCard


Port Authority of Allegheny County has begun its transition of using ConnectCards for 10-trip, weekly, monthly, and yearly passes, as well as stored value. As a college student, intern, and part-time captive to the restaurant service industry, I have become a frequent user of public transportation here in Pittsburgh. And while I definitely find the ConnectCard to have its share of hiccups, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Whether you use the bus daily or once in a blue moon, I … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Port Authority: Using the Bus


Whether you are someone who just moved to the ‘Burgh, a first year student at one of the city's colleges or universities, just visiting for a day, or your car broke down and the bus is your last resort, here are a couple of things to know to handle your Port Authority of Allegheny County experience like a pro. The Bus Stop and Boarding To makes sure you are at the right stop, each stop can be identified by the blue sign that says “Bus Stop”. Under most of these signs, there is a list … [Read more...]