I went to the theater and a fight broke out

So just when I think we may be starting to hit a midwinter lull in activities, let me qualify that by saying that a lull means there are like 3 less cool things to do each week in Pittsburgh – I get an email about this awesome theater production. I am not going to lie, […]

Funny Theater: Second City does Iron City

I know I mentioned this back in December but this performance tops my list of things to do in January. Second City is a famous and funny comedy troupe from Chicago. They have prepared a very special, very funny performance to celebrate Pittsburgh’s 250 birthday – Three Rivers Run Through It. The Post-Gazette has a […]

Three Rivers Runs Through It

Second City does Iron City! Chicago’s famed comedy troupe Second City has been working on a Pittsburgh show in honor of Pittsburgh’s 250 Birthday. They need your help – Pittsburgh Public Theater and the Post GAzette are holding a contest for jokes and sketches about Pittsburgh that are under a minute. Winning entries will be […]