A. B. C. Always Be Closing – Glengarry Glen Ross @ New Hazlett Theater

My apologies to the folks at Barebones Productions for not writing about this sooner - I have been looking forward to this play for a few months.  In college I read and reread this play for two, if not three different classes.  And as I have worked in more jobs and visited more real estate delevopments I continue to think of some of the lines from Glengarry Glen Ross. You still have 2 more chances to see Barebone's Productions Glengarry Glen Ross at the New Hazlett Theater on the North … [Read more...]

Arts Festival Pick: Take Me Out

I have been waiting for the Arts Festival to kick off because there are some great things happening at the festival this year.  Pittsburgh based theater group and friend of Iheart PGH, Barebones Productions  is bringing what is sure to be an interesting theater presentation to the festival - Take Me Out.  The play Take Me Out is the story of a baseball player who announces he is gay.  Barebones has brought some other great plays to town in the past few years - (click here to see some past blog … [Read more...]

I went to the theater and a fight broke out

So just when I think we may be starting to hit a midwinter lull in activities, let me qualify that by saying that a lull means there are like 3 less cool things to do each week in Pittsburgh - I get an email about this awesome theater production. I am not going to lie, I am personally not crazy about the theater, I like theater, but it rarely makes the top of my list - mostly because I don't like sitting still for 2 hours straight. I think this is a production I can really get into … [Read more...]

Pittsburgh: The Opera

I saw a flyer for this at the Union Project today - when I first looked at the flyer I thought it might be along the lines of MTV's Carmen: A Hip Hopera - which was popular a few years back. But Pittsburgh: The Opera looks even better. This is way more than opera - video, interviews, puppet show, dance and more. Pittsburgh: The Opera sold out last year and is back for a repeat performance this weekend at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater. This is a multimedia experience from the folks at Squonk … [Read more...]

Funny Theater: Second City does Iron City


I know I mentioned this back in December but this performance tops my list of things to do in January. Second City is a famous and funny comedy troupe from Chicago. They have prepared a very special, very funny performance to celebrate Pittsburgh's 250 birthday - Three Rivers Run Through It. The Post-Gazette has a nice article on their performance here. The folks from Second City spent some time (72 hours here) last year to get the Pittsburgh experience for their show. "It's kinda a … [Read more...]