Steel of the Week – A Year of Movies At Row House Cinema


Thanks to the IheartPGH Twitter followers for the heads up on this Indiegogo campaign.   It has been awhile since we've posted about a crowdfunding project in Pittsburgh (which isn't 100% true - thanks to the readers of IheartPGH who helped to crowdfund my seat on the Millennial Trains Project). Sometimes - you just need to go to the movies and sadly there aren't that many movie theaters left in the city if Pittsburgh.  I believe the Manor theater in Sq. Hill is the only theater left in the … [Read more...]

Steel of the Week: Vegan Milkshake


Our Steel this week may leave you a little hungry... Vegan milkshakes from the Quiet Storm. Vegans and non-vegans alike are sure to be satisfied from one of these shakes. Forget weekly vegan specials: Quiet Storm has twelve different varieties offered every day. The flavors we tried were the espresso shake, sticky bun, banana bread, and ginger lemon. As the menu suggests, they did take a little while to prepare, but were definitely worth the wait. Located in Bloomfield since 2001, this … [Read more...]

Steel of the Week: Pittsburgh Magnet


This week’s Steel was found while browsing The Shop in East Liberty. Located on Highland Avenue (and conveniently around the block from our office), The Shop is a lovely place to find art, home goods, and jewelry handmade by artists in Pittsburgh and around the country. The storefront has been open for about ten months, and you can also shop online. Something that caught my eye for SOTW while in The Shop was this Pittsburgh magnet. The laser-cut maple wood magnet was made specifically for … [Read more...]

Steel of the Week: TechShop Membership


This week’s Steel of the Week is truly a steal: membership to TechShop at over 50% off regular price. What exactly is TechShop you may be wondering? “TechShop is a community based workshop and prototyping studio with locations nation-wide. Our seventh and newest location,TechShop Pittsburgh, offers the Pittsburgh maker community more than 16,000 square feet of workshops equipped with world class tools and equipment, computers loaded with design software featuring the Autodesk Design Suite, … [Read more...]

Steel of the Week: “Bridges of Pittsburgh”

Bridges of Pitt book

For this week’s Steel of the Week, we are featuring one of the perks from the Knit the Bridge Indiegogo campaign! “Bridges of Pittsburgh” by Bob Regan with photos by Tim Fabian is available when you make a donate through their campaign site. This paperbound book includes photos from the many bridges in our city, including the Warhol that Knit the Bridge will be yarn bombing! Through vintage and modern photographs and descriptions, this book highlights some of the 446 bridges in Pittsburgh. … [Read more...]