Pitt-starter: Piebird – More Pie for Pittsburgh


Piebird has been baking up sweet treats for Pittsburgh restaurants since 2011.  They are planning to open a storefront on Butler Street in Lawrenceville in 2015 and needs your help to support the purchase of upgraded commercial pastry kitchen equipment including ovens, mixers, refrigerators, cookie sheets, and all of other essentials that are necessary to make sweet treats. I have selected this Kickstarter to share for two reasons... 1. Who doesn't like pie? 2. Super creative … [Read more...]

Pitt-starter: Less than 24hrs to Help DuoScreen Reach Goal


Pitt-starter is our series of blog posts on Pittsburgh related crowdfunding campaigns.  You can check out past Pitt-starter posts here. It is down to the wire for this one, but Pittsburghers are good at lastminute comebacks.  DuoScreen is a Pittsburgh startup that is part of the ThrillMill incubator in East Liberty.  I have had the opportunity to get to know the founders of DuoScreen over the past 10 months and I really like these guys.  Not only will they sit around and let me talk about … [Read more...]

Pittstarter – A Gentle Demolition of The House of Gold

house of gold before and afer

Update 9/24 - Just 24 hours left til the Kickstarter deadline and the artist needs to raise $12,000.  Click here to go directly to the Kickstarter page for the House of Gold. I learned about the House of Gold project over the summer and I wanted to share this Kicstarter project that only has a few more days to reach the funding goal.   Artist Dee Briggs lives next door to this house on Swissvale avanue. Last year, Dee was able to purchase the house thanks to the Allegheny County Vacant … [Read more...]

Pitt-starter – Meet Pittsburgh Artist Robert Qualters

Robert Qualters - Penn Station Rotunda, 2006, acrylic and collage on canvas, 42x48"

Pitt-starter is our occasional series of posts about Kickstarer and other crowdfunding projects that are of interest to the Pittsburgh community. You can check out previous Pitt-starter posts here. I am very excited to share this Kickstarter project with you.  First, because I think this is a great chance to learn about a Pittsburgh artist who has been painting this city for decades.  And second, because I had the opportunity to meet Robert Qualters earlier this year and I think he is one of … [Read more...]

A Souper Pitt-Starter: Warhol’s Soup Cans in the Nude


While this project wasn't created by a Pittsburgher, it is certainly a very Pittsburgh project.  I came across this project on the Kickstarter tumblr blog last week. The artist Lindsey Wholman is from Boulder, Colorado but she has a thing for Andy Warhol's soup cans.  She has already met her fundraising goal but the video is worth a watch. Related articles Absolutely souper in every way (magellanstraits.com) Andy Warhol Museum - Coming to New York City (freshnessmag.com) A … [Read more...]