Pitt-starter: Less than 24hrs to Help DuoScreen Reach Goal


Pitt-starter is our series of blog posts on Pittsburgh related crowdfunding campaigns.  You can check out past Pitt-starter posts here. It is down to the wire for this one, but Pittsburghers are good at lastminute comebacks.  DuoScreen is a Pittsburgh startup that is part of the ThrillMill incubator in East Liberty.  I have had the […]

Pittstarter – A Gentle Demolition of The House of Gold

house of gold before and afer

Update 9/24 – Just 24 hours left til the Kickstarter deadline and the artist needs to raise $12,000.  Click here to go directly to the Kickstarter page for the House of Gold. I learned about the House of Gold project over the summer and I wanted to share this Kicstarter project that only has a […]

Pitt-starter – Meet Pittsburgh Artist Robert Qualters

Robert Qualters - Penn Station Rotunda, 2006, acrylic and collage on canvas, 42x48"

Pitt-starter is our occasional series of posts about Kickstarer and other crowdfunding projects that are of interest to the Pittsburgh community. You can check out previous Pitt-starter posts here. I am very excited to share this Kickstarter project with you.  First, because I think this is a great chance to learn about a Pittsburgh artist […]

A Souper Pitt-Starter: Warhol’s Soup Cans in the Nude


While this project wasn’t created by a Pittsburgher, it is certainly a very Pittsburgh project.  I came across this project on the Kickstarter tumblr blog last week. The artist Lindsey Wholman is from Boulder, Colorado but she has a thing for Andy Warhol’s soup cans.  She has already met her fundraising goal but the video […]

Pitt-starter: Steel Town – A Film About the Homestead Steel Strike

“Captain Heinde emerges from the barge and steps onto the gangplank.” –pg. 17 of Steel Town

I love this Kickstarter project and I hope you will take a minute to watch their intro video.  Steel Town is a film about the Homestead Steel strike in 1892.  This strike led to a violent battle and in the end 12 people were killed.  The Homestead Steel strike had major implications for the labor movement […]