Frank Lenz: Local Adventurer, Avid Photographer, Big-Wheeled Bike Enthusiast


Last Friday evening, I went searching for Frank Lenz, one of Pittsburgh’s most notable cyclists. To be fair, Lenz went missing almost 120 years ago, in Erzurum, Turkey, so I really didn’t have much hope of finding anything, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I headed over to the Brew House Art Gallery […]

Pgh Trivia: Which Neighborhoods Are the Smallest


There are 2 neighborhoods in the city of Pittsburgh that have a population of less than 20 residents. Click here to find the answer on the votePGH website.

The Hills Are Alive…

Image via Wikipedia not with the sound of music, but with the sound of cyclists and Rick Sebak brought some video cameras along.  Tonight (Wednesday, January 26) and I am sure many other times because these things do get repeated – Rick Sebak’s show Its Pittsburgh takes a look at The Dirty Dozen.  The Dirty […]

Top Google Searches in Pittsburgh

So what are Pittsburghers really searching for online? Over the past year, I have been following the idea of search a little more closely. I know that lots of people come to IheartPGH looking for more info about Big Jim’s In the Run – I was a little confused by how this could be so […]

Mr. Rogers, Nancy Reagan and Jimmy Carter – Pictures of the Pittsburgh Quilt

Image via WikipediaWhat do Mr. Rogers, Nancy Reagan and Jimmy Carter have in common? They all signed the Pittsburgh Quilt along with Ronald Reagan, Mr. McFeely and 30,000 other Pittsburghers back in 1988. (Never did I think I would have a reason to write about Nancy Reagan on IheartPGH). Over the summer I wrote about […]