Celebrate space with Yuri’s Night Pittsburgh tomorrow!

Yuri's Night Pittsburgh

Space is pretty awesome. Blockbuster hits like Gravity and Interstellar, privatized space exploration such as Elon Musk's SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, and incentives like Google's Lunar XPRIZE, which awards $30 million to the first private company to send a robot to the moon, have renewed our interest beyond our atmosphere. And Pittsburgh has great representation with local NewSpace company Astrobotic leading the race to the moon, having won initial milestones of the Lunar XPRIZE and currently … [Read more...]

Emergency Toy Drive – How You Can Help


Update Sunday 12/21 8pm: We still need your help.  This am we identified 500 more kids that need toys. Here is how you can help: Donations will also be accepted at Most Wanted Fine Art at the Waterfrontfrom 12-5 PM (They are opening just for this so disregard the website.) Volunteers needed in Garfield 11-4 to help sort & distribute. Drivers needed to be on-call during these hours. At least one trip from Waterfront to Garfield around 5 PM. Donations Most Needed At This Point - … [Read more...]

Help A Pittsburgh Nonprofit – Support The CHS Holiday Gift Project


Dear Pittsburghers, One of the BEST parts about being a blogger in Pittsburgh (aside from the occasional retweets from Rick Sebak and Edgar Snyder) is being part of an amazing community of bloggers and blog readers. The readers of this blog, and many other blogs and websites have raised awareness and money for so many amazing Pittsburgh projects. A few years ago, another blogger asked me to help Community Human Services, a local nonprofit raise a little bit of money to be able to … [Read more...]

A Good Reason to Clean Out Your Closet Before Christmas


For the past few years, I have been part of a group of Pittsburgh bloggers who have helped the Pittsburgh nonprofit Community Human Services aka CHS raise money for their holiday gift project.  One of the things that I have learned about CHS is that they provide many important services to Pittsburghers who don't fit into other social service programs.  The same holds true for the holiday gifts.  The money raised from the CHS Holiday Gift Project goes to CHS to provide a little holiday gift to … [Read more...]