Pittsburghers are Tasty – New York Times Looks at T-shirts and Cities

Today's New York Times has a nice little article about t-shirts and city pride. The article includes references to GLUE - Great Lakes Urban Exchange, Spreadshirt.com and the Pittsburghers are Tasty T-shirt. I have just added some more tasty t-shirts and tote bags to the shop. I enjoyed talking to the reporter for this article - t-shirts and Pittsburgh have been a theme a recurring theme. When I first started screen printing t-shirts 5 years ago, the first shirt we made was the IheartPGH … [Read more...]

The Greatest Music Collection in the World – for sale!

Did you know that Pittsburgh is unofficially home to the largest collection of recorded music in the world? It's true – but not for much longer. Paul Mawhinney, owner of Record-Rama Sound Archives, has been collecting records for about 60 years. His collection is comprised of over 3 million records and 3 hundred thousand compact discs, spanning many decades and genres. While operating the store in its original McKnight Road location and its more recent home in a former dance club in Pine, … [Read more...]

Premiering in Pittsburgh

The new film Park will be debuting in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. Park's producer Dana Jackson grew up in Mt. Lebanon and choose to debut the film here in Pittsburgh before New York and Los Angeles. Both Jackson and the film's writer director Kurt Voelker will be at the premier on Friday, September 28th at the South Side Works Cinema. Park takes place all in one day in a public park in Los Angeles, as 11 disaffected Angelenos find both love and loss in unexpected ways. Park is a comedy starring … [Read more...]