I just recieved this email from the Handmade Arcade mailing list. I am super excited about this idea because I have become a big reader of the MAKE blog, which has all sorts of good ideas on how to alter your coffee maker to operate with your old nintendo controller. Call for Projects for Make/Do For more info. contact: Carin Mincemoyer - Wanted: Objects or activities that exemplify the do-it-yourself spirit for an exhibit at Future Tenant titled Make/Do. Have you … [Read more...]

PGH Trivia: Hill Street Blues


I was reading this article today from about liens on property in Pittsburgh, how much money is being made and how this complicates redevelopment.  Fun stuff, not so much (It is important stuff though and I reccomend you take a look at the article).  I learned this fun fact from the article - the Hill district was the inspiration for Hill Street Blues.  I did a double take and then went to check this out on Wikipedia (there is some amazing stuff on there). The name of the … [Read more...]

Pgh Tech Council: Customer-Led Innovation in Technology


I know the title of this presentation may seem overwhelming, but I am here to tell you that it is not. Over the summer someone posted to IheartPGH about a new company here in Pittsburgh called Spreadshirt. I was thrilled to discover Spreadshirt as they offer a super high-quality on demand printing, and I was not too happy with the IheartPGH t-shirts that we were linking to at the time. Long-story short I know work for Spreadshirt and write the Spreadshirt Blog, if you are interested in … [Read more...]

Your $.02 could be worth a lot

Oh baby, if you want to see a better Pittsburgh then this is the event for you! I was lucky enough to attend an earlier version of this 2 summers ago and it was a very interesting and fun Saturday. I am still talking about the cab situation in Pittsburgh. Anyhow - I am sure this event will be interesting and if you have an idea for something, anything (well as long as it involves Pittsburgh) then this is step one to getting the gears in motion. The good folks at the Sprout Fund have $100,000 to … [Read more...]

Free Spaghettii

I have never heard of this event. But I do like Spaghetti! Apparently the people for KDKA have a free Spaghetti Breakfast in Market Square each year. I would love to know some of the history of this event - if you know some information or have attended in the past - leave a comment or send an email! Here are the details for this years event: Friday, September 8th, 5am-9am, Market Square, Downtown. … [Read more...]