International Premiere of ‘Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?’

I know the tickets for the premier are expensive but I wanted to share this because this film was made by a Pittsburgh resident and I know there will be more screenings of the film to come.

Check out the trailer and be sure to follow @wgfpa for updates.

‘Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?’, a documentary exploring the role of women in global politics, was inspired by Arnet’s grandmother, the late Vivian Goldstein, whose own mother marched as a suffragette advocating for women to achieve the right to vote. As the film shows, Goldstein had hoped to live long enough to see a woman elected president of the United States. Sadly, she was not able to see her dream come true.

Inspired by Vivian’s resolve, Heather traveled to Brazil to ask women from different regions and socio-economic backgrounds to share their perspective on the dynamic shifts that have occurred in Brazilian politics over the course of just one generation.

Why Brazil? Presidenta Dilma Rousseff leads one of the most rapidly developing nations on earth, having surpassed the United Kingdom to become the world’s sixth-largest economy.  The film debuts as Brazil prepares to host the World Cup in June of this year, as Rousseff faces re-election in October, and as the nation prepares to host the Summer Olympics in 2016.

Through the production of this film, Heather uncovered powerful new findings connecting female economic security, political participation, and new democracies in fostering the advancement of women.

The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania invites you to join us for the premiere, leading the way for women in shaping the world through advocacy and civic involvement.

International Premiere of ‘Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?’
March 8, 2014
Carnegie Museum of Art Theater
Dessert reception and Q&A with director Heather Arnet to follow

Watch the Trailers and Vote for Your Favorite Pittsburgh Film Projects

While you know that some big blockbuster movies are shot in Pittsburgh, there are quite a few Pittsburghers who are working on their own film project.  The Sprout Fund has put together a special round of grants to help some of these local filmmakers finish and promote their films.

The public is invited to watch the trailers here and vote for your favorite films.  The deadline for public voting is December 2, 2013.  (Take a minute to watch the intro video that The Sprout Fund put together for this project.  They filmed this intro at the Hollywood Theater in Dorming and it provides a nice overview of the project) [Read more…]

“Cold Turkey” Screening at The Hollywood Theater – Thursday 11/21

cold-turkey-posterJust in time for the family fun of the holidays!  Cold Turkey is a film about families and Thanksgiving.  With an all star cast, including Peter Bogdanovich and Cheryl Hines, this looks like a promising film.

You can watch Cold Turkey online at Amazon and Google Play.  If you would like to catch this film on the big screen, Cold Turkey will be showing at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont this Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available online via Gathr.

A friend of mine sent me the preview to this film last week and I thought this was worth sharing.  Here is your opportunity to check out a Thanksgiving film a week before Turkey day and an excuse to visit one of Pittsburgh’s independent movie theaters.  (Check out the IheartPGH guide to independent movie theaters in Pittsburgh here).

Looking for more holiday movies on the big screen? The Hollywood Theater in Dormont will be screening Planes, Trains and Automobiles and It’s a Wonderful Life this weekend – check out the November schedule here.

[Read more…]

Preview Screening of Pgh Made Short Films and Videos – Mon. November 25

The Sprout Fund

The Sprout Fund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sprout Fund is a Pittsburgh non-profit that has been giving out grants to project big and small that make this city a better place to live.  This year the Sprout Fund has put together a special round of grants for film and video projects.

On Monday, November 25, the public is invited to watch the trailers and vote for their favorites. Afterwards you will have a chance to vote for your favorites.  Voting will be factored into the decision of which projects receive funding from the Sprout Fund.  This event is open to the public and free to attend.


Steel of the Week – A Year of Movies At Row House Cinema

row-house-cinemaThanks to the IheartPGH Twitter followers for the heads up on this Indiegogo campaign.   It has been awhile since we’ve posted about a crowdfunding project in Pittsburgh (which isn’t 100% true – thanks to the readers of IheartPGH who helped to crowdfund my seat on the Millennial Trains Project).

Sometimes – you just need to go to the movies and sadly there aren’t that many movie theaters left in the city if Pittsburgh.  I believe the Manor theater in Sq. Hill is the only theater left in the city limits.

Thankfully, some Pittsburghers are looking to bring a movie theater to Lawrenceville.  The folks behind Row House Cinema have put together a lovely video to tell you about this project.  And they have put together some incredible thank you gifts – while the engraved seats have already sold out – you can still pick up some movie passes or even free movies for a year.

Row House Cinema Indiegogo Campaign from Brian Mendelssohn on Vimeo.

Row House Cinema Indiegogo Campaign

I’m hopeful that I can talk these guys into showing more Pittsburgh related movies – it would be great to be able to see The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh or Flashdance on the big screen.