Accordion Pool Party in Lawrenceville


Image by gadgetgirl via Flickr On Saturday, September 12 from 3-7PM, Leslie Park swimming pool at 4700 Butler St. in Lawrenceville will thrum with activity-and not a drop of water.  The site will host Accordion Pool Party, an ethnic music and dance festival and quirky spectacle of culture and community pride.  The one-day event is a also a catalyst for a more lasting civic endeavor, Pool Planning Workshops to involve residents in shaping the future of the Leslie Park Pool site. Accordion Pool … [Read more...]

Random Acts of Pittsburgh Kindness

Here are a few links and websites I wanted to share because Pittsburghers are nice people and a few clicks or dollars can go along way. First, I want to start by linking to this post on BikePGH - R.I.P. William Thomas, kid’s bike mechanic extraordinaire - this is a really nice post about a really nice Pittsburgher who donated his time to fixing bikes for kids. Just Vote to Help a Greenburg Family win a $10,000 Family Room Makeover I have posted about this on twitter but I wanted to give one … [Read more...]

The World Pinball Championships are in Pittsburgh


Actually, I believe that the last 7 Pinball Championships have been held in Pittsburgh. PAPA stands for the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association. One of the reasons the PAPA tournament is here in Pittsburgh is because there is a dedicated Pinaball hall in Carnegie. The pinball facility suffered extensive damage after the flooding in 2004. But they were able to rebuild in time for the 2005 competition. The facility has over 400 pinball machines. The Pinball facility is only open … [Read more...]

Immaculate Reception in the Final Four – Your Vote is Needed Now

Even if you only know a little bit about Pittsburgh sports history, you know that the Immaculate Reception is an important moment in Pittsburgh and American sports history. Well sports fans, the Immaculate Reception is in the final 4 for ESPN's Greatest Sports Highlight. Currently, The Immaculate Reception is up against Miracle on Ice. The winner will be announced on Tue 2/26 - so click here to vote today! Your vote can send this important Pittsburgh Sports Highlight to the final round. I … [Read more...]

I heart Greek Food Festivals

I really do heart food festivals. I love LOVE love food festival food. I love that the proceeds benefit some great charity. I love that people donate their time to work at the food festivals. I love the ice tea in a carton that you can always find at the greek food festival in Oakland. It is kind of like visiting a real life my big fat greek wedding. And last year I even met a friend of a friend who met her husband volunteering at greek food festival. So if you are one of the few singles … [Read more...]