Bloomfield Celebrates the Stoop on Saturday, October 10


The community group, Bloomfield Liveable Streets is organizing a celebration of Bloomfield’s beautiful stoops on Saturday, October 10.

You can get all of the details on the Stoop City Website here. You can check out the Facebook event for Stoop City here.

Bloomfield Liveable Streets is looking for people who want to perform and people who want to host acts during Stoop City. All types of performers are welcome.

Explore Bloomfield and Snap a Selfie with Albright

Albright United Methodist Church

One of my favorite summer photos of Albright United Methodist Church. Photo Credit: Larry Rippel.

While your out and about exploring Bloomfield, do me a favor and stop by 486 S. Graham Street and snap a selfie with the stained glass at Albright United Methodist Church and be sure to tag it with @AlbrightPGH and #SaveAlbright. (I have been working with friends, community groups and a whole bunch of other awesome Pittbsurgh folks this summer to make sure this 109-year-old beauty doesn’t get torn down. I have to work next Saturday, otherwise I’d be there greeting you all from the stoop of Albright. I hope more people will help me share photos of this good looking church. If you want to help with the efforts to #SaveAlbright – join the Facebook group here.)

Celebrate space with Yuri’s Night Pittsburgh tomorrow!

Yuri's Night Pittsburgh

Space is pretty awesome. Blockbuster hits like Gravity and Interstellar, privatized space exploration such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, and incentives like Google’s Lunar XPRIZE, which awards $30 million to the first private company to send a robot to the moon, have renewed our interest beyond our atmosphere.

And Pittsburgh has great representation with local NewSpace company Astrobotic leading the race to the moon, having won initial milestones of the Lunar XPRIZE and currently accepting payloads to be sent to space on their first launch.

And lucky you– you can get in on some space-related fun tomorrow evening with Yuri’s Night! From 4-7pm (don’t worry, plenty of time before the Game of Thrones season premiere) the Livermore will be hosting Pittsburgh’s celebration of mankind’s achievements in space, named after Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin who was the first human to journey into outer space.

The event is totally free to attend, and there will be space-related drinks, stellar beats, complimentary snacks, and tons of space talk, videos, and fun. The event will also serve as the afterparty for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, brought to Pittsburgh by, a local non-profit aiming to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education through charitable competitions using space exploration as inspiration.

What: Yuri’s Night Pittsburgh
When: Sunday, April 12, 2015 from 4-7pm
Where: The Livermore, 124 S Highland Ave
Cost: Free, including light appetizers

2014 Art All Night is coming to Pittsburgh this weekend

Art All Night, Pittsburgh’s annual free art event, pops up in Lawrenceville this weekend for its 17th year. The completely volunteer-run event is held non-stop from 4pm on Saturday, April 26, 2014 until 2pm on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

2014 Art All Night Lawrenceville

Never heard of Art All Night? The idea behind the censorship-free, non-juried event is to encourage participation from all types of artists. Everyone is welcome to come, share, and experience a variety of local art and activities.

Besides original artwork, Art All Night features a live auction, various participatory and collaborative activities, live entertainment, and on-site artwork. Children’s activities are available on 4-8pm Saturday and 10am-2pm Sunday.

All artists, regardless of age or skill-level, can submit one piece of artwork to the event. Art must be dropped off between 10am and 2pm on Saturday, April 26 and must be ready to hang or otherwise displayed. Photo ID is required for both drop off and pick up, which is on Sunday, April 27 from 2:30-5:30pm. More information and an online registration form can be found here.

Volunteers and donations are what make Art All Night happen each year, so both are encouraged! Each year, a dedicated and talented team of volunteers offers their free time to make the event as incredible and fun as possible. You can sign up for 2-hour shifts before, during, and after the event, for all sorts of tasks, so please do if you have the time!

Check out Art All Night on Facebook (including the official Facebook event), on Twitter at @ArtAllNight, and Instagram at ArtAllNightLawrenceville, and don’t forget to hashtag your posts with #ArtAllNight, #AAN17, and #ImAnArtAllNighter.

The event is held at 97 40th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, which is a warehouse on the corner of 40th and Willow St in Lawrenceville. Parking might be tough so consider taking public transportation, car-pooling, or catching a Lyft (get $25 off your first ride with that link). Hope to see you there!

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Ben, Jerry, Dave & Andy – Let’s Talk Ice Cream

free cone day pittsburghToday, Tuesday, April 8, 2014 is free cone day at Ben 7 Jerry’s Scoop Shops across the country.

The Pittsburgh location of Ben & Jerry’s is located downtown at 936 Penn Ave.  This location is operated by the Pittsburgh non-profit Life’s Work and provides on-the-job training to youth who face employment barriers.

From the Life’s Work website:

Located at 936 Penn Avenue in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, Life’sWork’s Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShop is one of only three PartnerShops in the U.S. and is an important part of Ben & Jerry’s corporate social mission. The Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShop Training Program directly impacts the lives of youth with disabilities and at-risk youth and benefits the entire community.

By reducing the high school dropout rate, decreasing recidivism and providing an opportunity for youth to become wage-earning, tax-paying citizens, the Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShop Training Program has seen graduates who are more focused and have a higher self-esteem.

In addition, by identifying potential dropouts as early as possible and providing intensive intervention, the Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShop Training Program has helped to decrease the need for students to rely on public assistance and other social programs throughout their lives.

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Pittsburgh

I’ve checked the free cone finder and the Facebook Page for the Pittsburgh Ben & Jerry’s location.  Stop by anytime between noon and 8pm on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 for a free ice cream cone.

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

What about Dave & Andy?

dave an andy's ice cream

A little pixelated – but one of my favorite IheartPGH photos

I don’t like to write about Pittsburgh ice cream with out mentioning Dave & Andy.  I usually skip the line for free cone day and head over to Oakland to buy an ice cream cone from Dave & Andy’s Homemade Ice Cream.

Dave & Andy’s has been making ice cream in Pittsburgh since 1983.  They have incredible flavors in ice cream and frozen yogurt.

You can follow them on twitter @DaveandAndys

Dave & Andy's on Urbanspoon


But wait, there’s more … more free stuff in Pittsburgh

Looking for more free things to do in Pittsburgh – make sure you check out the Free and Almost Free in Pittsburgh MeetUp group.  

This MeetUp group currently has 50 upcoming events that are free (or almost free).  The organizers recently started  a Free and Almost Free in Pittsburgh Facebook group here.

One more free item to share – if you haven’t tried the ride-service Lyft yet – you can use this link to get a free Lyft ride upto $25.  That is more than enough to take a Lyft ride from anywhere in the city to Ben & Jerry’s or Dave & Andy’s.  I’m pretty sure your Lyft driver would be happy to join you for some ice cream.