Huffington Post Best Cake in America – Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte


I was taking a brief break from work this morning to check the headlines on the Post-Gazette and Huffington Post.  Right below Don Draper and next to Bubba Watson is a picture of something that looks like it came from Pittsburgh…. I clicked through to find this post  – Thank You, Pittsburgh, For the Greatest […]

Why Kevin Sousa’s Superior Motors Kickstarter campaign epitomizes everything we love about Pittsburgh

Chef Sousa at the Braddock Youth Project training class at the community bread oven. Photo from the Superior Motors Kickstarter.

Here’s an obvious fact: Pittsburgh’s identity was, and still is, deeply entwined with the steel industry. After all, we’re nicknamed the Steel City, which we’re reminded of whenever prime time football comes to town and floods our televisions with images of steel mills, by the numerous Pittsburgh-related projects that are given names referencing steel (for […]

The Pop Stop: Popsicles in Pittsburgh

The Pop Stop Logo

What’s better than beating the heat with a popsicle? How about beating the heat with a freshly made popsicle containing fresh fruit and ingredients from the back of a bicycle? Pittsburgh’s newest (and only) popsicle delivery system on 2 wheels is changing the way to eat frozen treats. English teacher and Pittsburgh native Todd Saulle […]