#snOMGpgh – What's Open, Closed or Canceled


Image by Christmas w/a K via Flickr While the news stations are reporting on school and libraries - we thought it might be good to keep a running list here and in the comments of other events that are canceled and places that are closed. It is recommended that you DO NOT DRIVE - roads are very dangerous and the snow has brought down many power lines. But for those who live in walkable neighborhoods - please share what businesses are open near you. Here is what we found from twitter and … [Read more...]

Skip the Shopping – See A Movie Instead

Seriously - take a break from shopping and take yourself (or your family) to the movies. Check out this great line up of films this weekend at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont. Check out some history on the theater here. Friday 12/11/2009 7pm - Annie Hall Have a glass of wine on the Hollywood on Friday (12/11) prior to the screening of the quintessential Woody Allen film, Annie Hall at 7 PM. Midnight - Shock Treatment The 1981 musical is a follow up to the Rocky Horror Picture … [Read more...]

Interested in Starting A Business – Check Out Start Up Drinks


Image by caseywest via Flickr If you are thinking of starting a business here in Pittsburgh there are lots of great groups to check out.  Every other month or so, entrepreurs gather in the morning for Open Cofffee (usually hosted at the Alpha Lab offices on Carson St.).  Some of the Open Coffee folks are getting together for Start Up Drinks.  Kind of like Open Coffee, but now in the evening and with the option of beer. Start Up Drinks - Kick Off Event (Facebook Event Page) Come out and have … [Read more...]

Glenn, the Good Witch of Pittsburgh

Yes, we are still on the Yellowbrick Road to The Emerald Steel City. The past few weeks have been a reminder to me that our journey back to Pittsburgh really is mirroring The Wizard of Oz. Just like Dorothy, I feel like I have been in a cyclone and dropped into a new and semi-strange land. I haven't posted in so long because my free time has been spent getting reacquainted with my home state and the education system there. Since I left in 1993, so many things have changed it makes my head … [Read more...]