Get Started Programming With Code & Supply

This Saturday, at 1PM, Pittsburgh technology community Code & Supply invites you to their latest installment of their #StarterSeries. Their #StarterSeries project promotes basic programming and coding literacy and encourages everyone to code. Their hope is to grow the Pittsburgh technology community, not just by making it attractive to existing developers, but by teaching Pittsburghers how to be great software developers.

MVC Diagram (Model-View-Controller)
This month’s installment expects a basic familiarity with programming. They intend to explore the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and the fundamentals of Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP). MVC and OOP combined are the basis of nearly every program and application you interact with, and this is a great opportunity for aspiring programmers to learn the basics.

To keep up to date with the #StarterSeries and all of Code & Supply’s other events, join their meetup group.


#StarterSeries: Software Design Patterns: MVC and Object Oriented Programming

Saturday, Jul 25, 2015, 1:00 PM

The Cloakroom
5972 Baum Blvd Pittsburgh, PA

8 Members Attending

Take your code to the next level by learning about the Model View Controller design pattern. In this lecture, our instructor will present the principals of object oriented programming and then dive into making your code more organized and optimized with the MVC pattern.You’ll learn- Object oriented programming- Classes- Inheritance- Object rel…

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Awesome Pittsburgh to Hold Office Hours on Sunday

Awesome-Pittsburgh-bannerIf you are interested in who in Pittsburgh is helping others to turn ideas into reality then one of the organizations that you need to know about is Awesome Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh needs more people coming up and trying out crazy ideas.  And I love Awesome Pittsburgh and the Awesome Foundation because they help people try out these ideas.  One of the major theories in the world of startups in the idea of Lean Entrepreneurship and MVP (minimum viable product).  How soon can you get your business to market to try the idea and get feedback.  I think that Awesome Pittsburgh grants bring a much needed support to help Pittsburghers get turn ideas in to actual projects.

For example, one of the amazing people I met last month on the Millennial Trains Project trip is Jennie Gottstein who has created an interesting project in San Francisco called Score.  I would love to see if we could bring Jennie and Score to Pittsburgh and I am certainly going to see if Awesome Pittsburgh can help make that idea a reality.  [By the way – Jennie is also the brains behind a zombie themed disaster preparedness game that would be great to bring to Pittsburgh too – be sure to follow her on Twitter @jettstein]

Learn More at the Awesome Pittsburgh Office Hours

So if you have an idea, or just the beginnings of an idea for something you would like to see in Pittsburgh – head over to Social at Bakery Square on Sunday to meet the Awesome Pittsburgh team and get some feedback on your idea and how to apply for an Awesome grant.

Awesome Pittsburgh Office Hours
Sunday, September 14th // 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Social, Bakery Square – 6425 Penn Ave, Larimer
No RSVP necessary

Some of the amazing projects that Awesome Pittsburgh has Already Supported

You can check out the whole list here – all are truely awesome.  But here are a few that you can check out to see what $1000 can do for the community

  • Smiles for Hilltop – helping local doctors test a program to provide dental care and prevention in the Hilltop neighborhoods.
  • ZipPitt – exploring a zipline for Pittsburgh
  • GLAD Bags for Foster Children – creating comfort bags for kids who are removed from a home to replace the trash bag which is what is currently used.

What is Awesome Pittsburgh?

The short answer – a group that gives out $1000 grants to great ideas

The long answer…

Awesome Pittsburgh is a chapter of the Awesome Foundation, a global network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe.

The Awesome Foundation grants money – cold hard cash – to people or groups with brilliant ideas, with a new project getting funded each month by chapters around the world. Pittsburgh, already a hotbed of awesomeness, is brimming with smart, passionate, creative, crazy people. Awesome Pittsburgh is giving some of you $1000 to do something amazing. We want to hear the best ideas for making Pittsburgh stand out in the global economy, for connecting our communities, for celebrating art or technology, for making the city a better place to live, work, and play, or for simply surprising and delighting us and our fellow Pittsburghers.

A Conversation About Gun Safety

200px-LWV_LogoI know this is a bit of a detour from our usual postings about things to do in Pittsburgh.  But, I wanted to post about this event because I think the League of Women Voters is an important organizations that more people need to know about and because I think this is an important issue for cities.  Please take a moment to follow the League of Women Voters Pittsburgh on Facebook here.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization – that means that they cannot advocate for any specific candidate or position.  The League of Women Voters exists to provide more education about government and issues.

Gun Safety in a Free
Allegheny County Conversation Presented by the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh

Sunday, October 6, 2013, 1 – 5 pm
In Oakland — with free parking and refreshments
Bus routes 71B, 61D & 61B
Get beyond the slogans and help explore possible solutions with your fellow citizens of Allegheny County
Facebook Event

The League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh (LWVGP) is sponsoring this forum to promote discussion and cooperation among Allegheny County residents with different views and experiences with guns. Participants will divide into small groups for moderated discussion based on a guide booklet of background information containing facts and viewpoints on guns and society. A panel of experts will be available to respond to questions from the small groups. The goal of these discussions is to identify policies or actions that will promote public health and gun safety in our communities.

Participation is free, but registration is required. Click here for online registration or call the League of Women Voters at 412-261-4284. Registration requires the completion of a short, confidential survey, to assure that all interests are represented in each group. A link to the discussion guide and location information is provided at the end of the registration process. Register now. The deadline is September 30th.

Presented in association with the Program for Deliberative Democracy at Carnegie Mellon University.

Polish Hill’s Annual Arts Festival this Sunday

polish-hill-arts2013_webWhat could be a better way to beat the Sunday blues than heading over to Polish Hill for its annual arts festival? Started in 2008, the festival features crafters, food trucks, and live music.

There will be over 30 vendors present, and these aren’t your rinky-dink, run of the mill crafts. Polish Hill Arts Festival posted “previews” of the some vendors, and they are selling truly unique and beautiful art (including the previously featured John the Craftist). From wall art to silver jewelry, the festival offers a wide range of vendors–there’s something for everyone.

The event appeals to all ages, offering free arts and crafts activities for adults and children alike. If you aren’t feeling crafty, there will also be live performances throughout the day, featuring local bands.

The festival runs from noon-9p.m. on Sunday July 21st. You can find all the action at the intersection of Brereton and Dobson streets. For more information check out Polish Hill Arts Festival’s Facebook page.

Knit the Bridge is still looking for neighborhoods! Are you one of them?

Knit the Bridge has been mapping out all it's participants.

Knit the Bridge has been mapping out all of its participants.

Knit the Bridge has been hard at work prepping to yarn bomb the Andy Warhol Bridge starting August 10th until September 8th. According to their website, “Knit the Bridge is a vision for a grassroots, community-led arts project that would bring the many diverse communities of Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania together to create a large-scale, aesthetically stunning, fiberarts installation on a bridge in downtown Pittsburgh.”

As of right now, Pittsburgh neighborhoods are at 80% participation and Allegheny County’s municipalities are at 82%. KTB wants 100% participation in both of these categories and needs your help to do so! Do you or an organization you know of from any of the following neighborhoods or municipalities want to help? Here are three ways you can:


KTB wants to raise $35,000 by July 12 at midnight through their Indiegogo campaign. There are also some perks that come along with set donation amounts. If you donate $60, not only will you be helping out, but you get an awesome t-shirt!

Donate here!

Make a Railing

KTB still needs railing covers made from black acrylic yarn. They can be knitted (stockinette stitch) or crocheted (double crocheted) and need to be either 9” x 105” or 15” x 80”. Completed railing covers can then be dropped off at any of the drop-off points listed here by July 31st.


If you are 18 years or older and want to help install the panels and railings when the project goes up starting August 10th, sign up here or email at  You must commit to at least one 3-hour shift and attend a training session. Training days are required and are scheduled for the following dates:

Thursday July 25 7-8pm

Saturday July 27, 11-noon

Sunday July 28, 1-2pm

Wednesday July 31st, 1-2pm

Missing Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

East Carnegie
Duquesne Heights
South Shore
Bon Air
Arlington Heights
New Homestead
Glen Hazel
Spring Garden

Black railings that will be used on the Andy Warhol Bridge.

Black railings that will be used on the Andy Warhol Bridge.

Missing Allegheny County Municipalities
East Deer Township
Borough of Springdale
Springdale Township
Frazer Township
Kennedy Township
Borough of White Oak
Borough of Versailles
South Versailles Township
Borough of Wall
Borough of Trafford
Stowe Township
Borough of Leetsdale
Borough of Rosslyn Farms
Neville Township
Borough of Glenfield
Borough of Haysville
Borough of Liberty
Borough of Lincoln
Borough of Pitcairn
Borough of West Homestead
City of Duquesne
Borough of Dravosburg
Borough of West Elizabeth