Pittsburgh Women Blogger MeetUp is Tomorrow! Tue 12/3


We've had a great interest in the idea of a Pittsburgh Women's blogger MeetUp and now we are an official MeetUp.com group. Due to last week's threat of snow - the first meeting of this new MeetUp group was rescheduled to Tuesday, December 2, 2013 at 5pm at the c-leveled offices in Bloomfield. If you would like to attend on Tuesday 12/3 - Please RSVP on the MeetUp page here. Pittsburgh Women Blogger MeetUp  Tuesday, December 2, 2013 5-6:30pm c-leveled, 4117 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa … [Read more...]

Women Blogger MeetUp Next Week


I have recently had the opportunity to meet several new women entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh who are working on building some exciting companies. I am looking for other women bloggers in Pittsburgh who would be interested in meeting to network and meet some of these entrepreneurs.  If this first event goes well, we are looking at making this a monthly event. I am organizing an event next Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  If you a women, you have a blog and you would like to attend - … [Read more...]

NaBloPoMo – Pittsburgh Bloggers Take the 30 Days, 30 Blog Posts Challenge


Each November writers around the world participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where participants try to write a novel in a month.  Not to be out done, the bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon with NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  The folks at BlogHer organize NaBloPoMo each month and provide a list of blogging prompts, participating bloggers and even some contests.  Over 2000 bloggers have signed up to participate in November 2013. One of my fellow Pittsburgh … [Read more...]

Bucs Blog Round-Up

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Last week, I made my introduction to the blogging world by posting a bite-sized rant about Pittsburgh Pirates fandom. I regret nothing. Now, though, it's time to get down to business. In the grand tradition of Myron Cope, Pittsburgh sportswriters remain some of the most intelligent and opinionated in their field and, with the exponential growth of Internet, so too have Pittsburgh sports bloggers grown, both in number and in opinion. Since Pirates bloggers are perhaps the most opinionated of … [Read more...]

Writing about the Rust Belt – GLUE and Rustbelt Almanac


I've got two great projects to share with you, both are related to sharing stories about rustbelt cities including Pittsburgh. If you have been a regular reader of IheartPGH over the years, you have probably read a few of our posts about GLUE.  GLUE stands for Great Lakes Urban Exchange - a project that was started by a Pittsburgher and a Detroiter (is there a Detroit equivalent to the word Pittsburgher?).  I've been fortunate to attend many of the GLUE conferences, the most … [Read more...]