Measure 4 Measure

A Carnegie Mellon Arts Management student just sent me a rave review for the Pittsburgh production of Measure for Measure at the Public Theater: It’s the Globe Theatre’s production. It is, in no uncertain terms, exquisite. If you have any love for theatre go. Find some money, find some time – go. I don’t like Measure for Measure and I loved it. You will regret it if you miss it. Mark Rylance, the artistic director who plays the duke, is probably more


Konono No. 1, a 12-piece street band from Kinshasa, arrives in Pittsburgh TONIGHT!!!! at The Warhol Museum. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $10. From this is happening: Using homemade “Congotronics”, electro effects, amplified thumb pianos, and makeshift percussion from pots, pans, and car parts, these unique musicians fuse traditional rhythms and homemade trance sounds in a mix that’s earned acclaim from both electronica and world music more

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