One of the Pirates’ biggest fans– Herb Soltman

As he walks in I ask “Are you Herb Soltman?” “That’s what my license says,” Herb replies. Herb is a lifelong Pittsburgher, born in Squirrel Hill in 1935, and has been a lifelong Pirates fan. Herb grew up, like many in his generation, playing baseball with his friends in their spare time. This was before the Steelers were good and the Penguins came into existence. “All there was to watch were baseball and college football,” Herb said. Herb used to play baseball down at the grade school … [Read more...]

A PITSburgh Partnership – The Cotton Factory and Hello Bully


When one hears “dog shirts”, the visual of a small dog gnawing at a tight knit sweater may come to mind, but and TeeRex Syndicate had something else planned when they partnered with Hello Bully to promote Pit Bull welfare in the Pittsburgh area. In 2002, before she and her husband founded TeeRex Syndicate and purchased, Samantha Ginsburg was the proud owner of two rescue Pit Bulls from Animal friends and four cats. Samantha and Stephen then purchased the … [Read more...]