Shop Late Night in Lawrenceville is Tonight!

Shop Late Night

Most of us don't shouldn't take off work early to go shopping - and there is nothing more frustrating than getting to your favorite store and realizing it closed while you were waiting for the bus.  Fear not!  While many shops in Lawrenceville stay open late every Thursday, shops and galleries will stay open until 9pm the second Thursday of every month as part of Shop Late Night in Lawrenceville (SLN).  This year this event is better than ever with more shops, an online map, and specials at … [Read more...]

The Brazen Kitchen and Yinzpiration Dish it Out for a Cause

Bar Marco

Have you heard about No Menu Mondays at Bar Marco in the Strip?  It's a chance for different chefs to take over the kitchen and offer up their own menu for the evening.  This popular event will be taken over this Monday (April 6), from 5-10pm, by The Brazen Kitchen and Yinzpiration and friends from the Highland Park Kitchen Staples Food Co-op (also one of the 10 yinzpiring things about Highland Park) . All proceeds from the event will go toward tools and other materials for the Barack Obama … [Read more...]

Super S****s and Wild Stuff


Two things not to miss in Lawrenceville this weekend: Super S****s: Art from the Staff of the Andy Warhol Museum opens tomorrow (Friday, January 13 from 6-9pm) at WildCard.  Andy Warhol's Superstars were an elite clique of personalities that gained notoriety and fame through their association with the infamous artist. They were heavily featured in Warhol's early works and their lives were immersed in the New York City art scene. The staff of the Andy Warhol Museum are similarly immersed in … [Read more...]

Missing Goats, Profiteroles, Zombie Moms, and Progressive Dinners


What is that called when a bunch of seriously good things collide?  The opposite of a perfect storm? Maybe we should be calling it a perfect artistic storm for Lawrenceville artists Gab Cody and Sam Turich.  The duo have been receiving major accolades lately for their work on Fat Beckett, which just had its world premiere at Quantum Theatre.  Add to that their Lawrenceville hit Mombies is screening at the Sprout Fund's Tenacity tomorrow night.  And the Kickstarter launch of their new project - … [Read more...]

Local Honey, Now WITH Pollen

gallery on 43rd

Did anyone else see the article from Food Safety News making the rounds on Facebook about how most mass produced honey doesn't actually contain pollen? Well, if you found that as disturbing as I did, you might be looking for a few good local sources to buy your honey from now on.  Here are a few ideas, and there are loads of other farms and resources out there. Buy local honey from Steffes Wood Apiary (Aliquippa, PA) right now at Gallery on 43rd Street in Lawrenceville.  Why not stop down … [Read more...]