Super S****s and Wild Stuff


Two things not to miss in Lawrenceville this weekend: Super S****s: Art from the Staff of the Andy Warhol Museum opens tomorrow (Friday, January 13 from 6-9pm) at WildCard.  Andy Warhol’s Superstars were an elite clique of personalities that gained notoriety and fame through their association with the infamous artist. They were heavily featured in […]

Missing Goats, Profiteroles, Zombie Moms, and Progressive Dinners


What is that called when a bunch of seriously good things collide?  The opposite of a perfect storm? Maybe we should be calling it a perfect artistic storm for Lawrenceville artists Gab Cody and Sam Turich.  The duo have been receiving major accolades lately for their work on Fat Beckett, which just had its world […]