The 4 P’s of October (Pittsburgh, Pirates, Playoffs, Phil)


It seems as if from a time immemorial my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates have been marginalized to somewhere between the Kansas City Royals and the Rockford Peaches.  And, maybe there is no crying in baseball.  I think "in" is probably the most important word in our previous sentence, because 20 years, 11 months, 3 weeks, and give or take a few minutes their were tears in a young mans eyes in North Hills of Pittsburgh. And, once again Monday night for completely different reasons those tears creeped … [Read more...]

Emotional Baseball Report: Area 51.5 – Andrew McCutchen


[Note]This is the first post of what will hopefully be many in the Emotional Baseball Report Series.  I have been bugging Jason to start a blog for years, ok well I tell everyone that they should start a blog.  I have also felt like IheartPGH has been lacking in sports posts.  How can y ou have a blog about Pittsburgh with out sports?   Read the first post and be sure to follow @emobaseballrepo on Twitter as well[/note] There is room for argument that March 4th, 2012 was the best day to … [Read more...]