In Search of Croissants in Pittsburgh


[Note] Check out these 4 awesome places for a flaky, buttery snack in Pittsburgh - due to time and transit constraints the team didn't make it to Jean-Marc Chatellier's Bakery in Millvale - I promise you there will be a follow up on that. [/note] (Beautiful pictures by Iva. Words by Sarah and Ray) In order to bring you info on the best croissants in the city, the I Heart PGH gang went on a croissant tour, sampling four bakeries. (Eating delicious croissants all day was an enormous burden, but … [Read more...]

Needles’ Crowned


Deep in the belly of Lawrenceville, in the smoky Blue Moon bar, the Monday night crowd was breathless and rowdy, packed to the gills and glued to the television in anticipation.  In any other bar, it would have been the Steelers at the Superbowl or the Penguins in game seven for the Stanley Cup.  But no, it was the season finale of RuPaul's Drag Race. Pittsburgh's Sharon Needles was crowned winner of season four of the Drag Race amongst gales of cheers and slopped beers.  She distinguishes … [Read more...]

Alternative Fuel: East End Brewing 2012 Keg Ride


[note] Say hello to Iva!  She comes to IheartPGH with photo skills and a super camera!  We're excited for more of her posts that will have way better photos than the ones from my sad little Blackberry camera.  Check out her awesome photos from the East End Brewing Keg ride last weekend [/note] Cyclists love getting together and riding in absurdly large groups.  I believe we're entertained by the idea of being a spectacle -- children shout "Wow! Bicycles!", people stand on stoops taking video … [Read more...]