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Do you love Pittsburgh? Do you love to tell stories? Are you interested in getting involved with a loveable crew of misfits searching for some new talent? We’re looking for some new writers and entrepreneurs to get involved with the IheartPGH family. Think you have what it takes? Check out what we’re looking for below.

Storytellers– Are you a writer, podcaster, photographer, or videographer interested in telling the story of Pittsburgh and its amazing people? We need outgoing creative types to help us fill the site with inspirational stories found everyday in Pittsburgh. We’re interested in different mediums to tell stories, so if you feel compelled to tell a tale, shoot us an email.

Entrepreneur/Brand Manager- Are you interested in helping manage an established brand? Are you perhaps an aspiring entrepreneur looking for experience in a start up? IheartPGH would love to chat with you. We’re seeking a passionate person to help on the business end of IheartPGH, with an interest in Brand Management and possibly editorial aspirations.

Nuts and Bolts Stuff. IheartPGH would be happy to take on students looking for internship experience as well as Pittsburgh enthusiasts interested in becoming more involved in the city. I came to IheartPGH looking to cover interesting people and events, and have been grateful since Day 1. There is room for innovation as well as personal creativity–an excellent experience for self starters.

Want to get involved? Shoot Lindsay an email, including your name, favorite blog (besides IheartPGH), and what you’d like to help us out with. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Meet Jack

You may recognize this Britt from his video last month–“Jack Holden Loves Pittsburgh”. He truly loves the place and is looking for work in our fair city. Here’s a little more about Jack, and what he’d like to do in Pittsburgh.

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Why Pittsburgh? What brings you to the city?

Initially, I came to Pittsburgh to visit my girlfriend from Mt. Lebanon. I didn’t really know much about Pittsburgh, other than what I was told by Dana before my first visit. By the end of my trip I had fallen in love with the city. It is unique compared to any other city that I have been to in the states. It’s got a funky, fresh, and alternative vibe which makes the city pretty exciting to be in.

On my first weekend of my first visit, we went to the Strip District on a Saturday morning. That was pretty special. I usually go to a market regularly in London where it’s overflowing with culture and smells of ethnic foods. But in Pittsburgh, it was surreal as there was heavy snow on the ground and this market going ballistic. Most of all, the friendliness and kindness of the people is the main attraction. You don’t get that everywhere, and there is this local feel and buzz in a relatively big city. [Read more…]

PAPA World Pinball Championships: Aug. 8-11 2013

Yesterday, a few of the Yinzterns took a trek out to Carnegie, PA to check out the World Pinball Championships. With no idea what to expect, it is no exaggeration to say we were floored by the experience.

In Carnegie, a large white nondescript warehouse holds hundreds of pinball machines. Opened to the public only four days a year, people come from all over the world to participate in the 16th Professional & Amateur Pinball Association’s (PAPA) World Pinball Championship. From the outside, I didn’t expect much of the space, but the moment I opened the door, my jaw dropped.

As you step inside the warehouse, you are immediately overwhelmed by the electronic sound of 100s of machines playing pinball at once. It’s all at once alarming and comforting to hear the tap-tap-tap of the flippers returning the metal balls back into play. There are pinball machines as far as the eye can see, each flashing its own high score and challenging passersby to beat it.

Competitors hug and riff on each other, creating an immediate sense of a close-knit community. They line up to register, wishing each other luck while simultaneously swearing they’ll outdo their score from last year. Perhaps the most startling observation was the wide range of ages that participate in the competition. Kids, sometimes dragged unwillingly by parents, stand patiently waiting their turn. 20-somethings, clearly there by their own accord, watch the floor with anticipation, unsure of what game to tackle first.

As you make your way onto the floor, the atmosphere quiets. Competitors are sequestered into divisions: A,B,C, or Classic Pinball–and wait their turn to play. They watch as players before them concentrate solely on the game. Almost painfully committed to each game, it’s a wonder players can last 4 days. They stand in front of the machines, muscles tense and eyes trained on the microcosm under the glass–legs kick back almost involuntarily as a finger snaps the flipper up to return a ball into play.

The A Division area is quiet, except for the machines announcing bonuses and extra balls. Cameras positioned above the machines record a live feed of the games below so spectators can marvel at the skill. This year the PAPA added real-time online electronic scorekeeping, so players from across the world can see the scores immediately. Real-time TV monitors announce high-scores.

The outskirts of the warehouse are filled with pinballs machines–rows and rows of graphics and flashing lights. Anyone is welcome to play these machines with tokens purchased at the front. The proceeds of these games go straight to charity.

The Pinball World Championships are a truly unique event that we’re lucky enough to host in Pittsburgh. The still fervent pinball community lives on here. If you don’t get a chance to check out the championship this weekend, take a look at Special When Lit, a documentary about pinball. A great deal of the film was shot in Carnegie. You can check it out on Hulu.


WHEN: August 8-11

WHERE: 100 Keystone Dr, Carnegie, PA (Note: According to the PAPA this is an arbitrary address, keep your eyes peeled for a white warehouse and a bunch of people).

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HOW MUCH: Free to watch, tokens can be purchased to machines, all proceeds go to charity.

MORE INFO: Check out PAPA’s Official Site or Facebook Page

Practice Yoga Outside this Sunday with Elsie

When the weather is beautiful, I find myself trying to do everything outside. Take some yogaoutdoorstime for yourself this Sunday, August 11 and head out to Phipps for outdoor yoga with Elsie. Elsie is the creator of Elsie’s Yoga Kula, an amazing site where you can download her yoga podcasts and practice yoga on the go.

Spend your morning stretching out under the sun with a relaxing class. With the summer winding down, this could be one of your last chances to enjoy some outdoor fun!

Outdoor Yoga Class in Pittsburgh

  • When: Sunday, August 11
  • What time: 11:12:30pm
  • Where: In the grassy area across the street from Phipps (you can’t miss it, there will the a bunch of people with yoga mats!)

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  • How Much: $10
  • What Else: Bring your mat and whatever other accessories you need!

For more info or questions, check out Elsie’s Yoga Kula and see you Sunday!