New Girl on the Blog Visits Espresso a Mano

latte art heart in our new double espresso cup
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Note from Lindsay: Please welcome Amanda – she is a new blogger here at IheartPGH and she has been very patient while we upgraded the blog.  So now that we are upgraded and settled in at our new host – time for some new posts!  I am so happy she will be writing for us and this post is about a great coffee shop in Pittsburgh that I don’t think we have blogged about yet! Please welcome her to IheartPGH!


Today, I almost went to see the art exhibit Ordinary Madness, currently showing at the Carnegie Art Museum, which I was excited about. The operative word here is almost. I put my scarf on; I was wearing my coat and my comfortable tennis shoes for museum walking, but I couldn’t make it. I have a number of school related commitments to attend to, and it’s starting to eat away at me in a way that I can’t deal with anymore. But—I loathe the idea of wasting an entire beautifully sunny Sunday working in my apartment. So, I ventured to my absolute favorite coffee shop, Espresso a Mano. (1)

Now, I could gush about the espresso here, and the French Pressed coffee, and the lovely heart shaped swirls Matt can make on your latte foam. But honestly, you can go to Espresso a Mano’s own website and read about much of that—and you should, my dear. I think it will be more informative for me to talk about what I love about this place, because it goes so far beyond the coffee. [Read more…]

Yes Virginia, Santa Does Like Beer (Radio Round Up for December 10)

Santas in the Castro - Santarchy SantaCon 2009
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Most Friday mornings at 6:45 am, you can listen to IheartPGH talk live with Jim and Randy on the WDVE morning show about things to do in Pittsburgh on the weekend. Here is our list of events and links to more information for this weekend…

Sorry we are a little late getting these links posted for today.  But better late than never – here are the links for this week.

Santa comes to Penn Brewery – holiday fun for kids and parents too
  • Brunch and visit with Santa – Pirate Parrot and Iceberg will be there too
  • Saturday, DEcember 11, 2010
Santacon 2009 - Astoria, Queens NYC
Image by kstraw2 via Flickr
  • Bar crawl on southside where you must wear a Santa suit.
  • Saturday, December 11, 2010
  • Meet at Hoffbrau @ 2pm Sharp
  • Saturday, December 11, 2010
  • Noon-5
  • Meet the new dark beers at East End Brewing
  • Sample the new Eye Opener Coffee Porter and other new dark beers

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Documentaries, Storytelling and Pittsburgh – My Tale of "My Tale of Two Cities"

We have been patiently waiting for the premier of this movie – My Tale of Two Cities, a documentary about Pittsburgh which has been in the works for a few years now. Back in 2006 we posted the invite to come join in a neighborhood sing along of “Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” The film is complete and the screening is November 28, 2008 at the Byham Theater. You can read more about the film at

We started IheartPGH after meeting people who didn’t grow up here but choose to live here – each person had a story about what brought them to Pittsburgh. Those stories turned into three years of stories about people and places in Pittsburgh. So it is hard not be excited about a documentary length story of Pittsburgh which has the potential to take the Pittsburgh story to a whole new audience beyond Western PA. I am eager to see which Pittsburgh stories were selected for this film.

Check out the trailer here. I learned a few facts about Pittsburgh that I had not heard before…who knew Pittsburgh was the birth place of bingo?

You know how you hear about something and then it becomes one of those things that just keeps crossing your path. That is how I feel about Carl Kurlander‘s story of Pittsburgh. I first learned about Carl Kurlander from a chapter in the book, What Should I do With My Life, which I was reading on a plane ride to California a few [Read more…]

Dollar Cupcakes at Dozen in Sq. Hill on Wed. April 30

I have received some rave reviews from friends and family about the cupcakes at Dozen. I have now received phone calls from some of these cupcake lovers to ask if I know if Dozen is open after 6pm on Sundays because said cupcake lovers “must have a Dozen cupake.” I promise I will post some pictures of a recent visit to Dozen soon but if you are a cupcake lover or have been looking for an excuse to try Dozen I think you will be happy to see this announcement. [Read more…]