Race on Water – Standup Paddleboard Race at the Lake Arthur Regatta

Ian Smith of SurfSUP Adventures & Micalla Mikus of Freeport Paddleboarding getting ready to race (Photo Credit: Mike Briggs)

Ian Smith of SurfSUP Adventures & Micalla Mikus of Freeport Paddleboarding getting ready to race (Photo Credit: Mike Briggs)

A few years ago when my sister was in law school, she spent a summer working in Hawaii.  She returned to the east coast with some legal knowledge, a tan and a love of surfboard sports.

I have become a huge fan of kayaking around Pittsburgh – if you haven’t seen Downtown Pittsburgh from a kayak, you are missing out.  And I am now an even bigger fan of standup paddleboarding on the three rivers.

Fortunately for me, there are some great people in Pittsburgh who are helping to get more people on the river and I am no longer the only person who drives around town with a surfboard on their car.  Over the past year, I’ve spent a bunch of time paddling on the river and lakes of Western PA with Ian Smith of SurfSUP Adventures.

Last summer I was talking with Micalla Mikus, who is the owner of Freeport Paddleboarding Company.  Micalla had just returned from competing in a SUP race in Maryland.  I’m not a huge fan of running 5ks, but a paddle board race peaked my interest.

Two weeks ago – I participated in my first race at the Brady’s Run Gear and Cheer Festival.  Thanks to Micalla and Ian my first race was a success and a ton of fun.

It was a 1 mile race and it took me 16 minutes to paddle the mile, the winner finishing in 9 minutes.  If I can paddle a mile, I promise you pretty much anyone can do this.  I would love to see more people try paddle boarding and I think this race will be a ton of fun.  If you have questions about standup paddleboarding or the race this weekend.  Please leave a comment below.

First Annual SUP Race at the Lake Arthur Regatta at Moraine State Park

lake-arthur-regatta-new-logoThis weekend is the annual Lake Arthur Regatta – Surfsup Adventures and Freeport Paddleboard Company are hosting a Stand Up Paddleboard race that promises to be a fun time.  You don’t need to have a board or any experience to compete.

Lake Arthur SUP Race

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Registration – 3pm
Location: Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, 225 Pleasant Valley Road
Entry: $20 – Register online here

If you need a board – register online and send an email to info@surfsupadventures.com.  I know there will be plenty of boards available.

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  • Ian Smith

    Awesome blog post Lindsay!!

    • Thanks! The race was great and I am looking forward to the next one.