Downtown Walk-in Program for Homeless Needs A Data Entry Volunteer

I received this email from the Pittsburgh Food Bank today.  I thought I would share in case anyone was looking for a way to get involved with some volunteering.

Data Entry Volunteer Needed

first-presbyterian-churchThe First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh has been serving the needs of the downtown population for over 250 years. Their Walk-in program assists the homeless, almost homeless, poor and others every fifth week as part of a rotation with other downtown churches.

Volunteers provide food bank food, toiletries, lunch and other services to those who ‘walk-in’ seeking help. Volunteers also provide critical administrative support and this is where YOU come in! First Presbyterian Church is in need of:

Seeking: Volunteer data entry person.
Dates: Monday June 2 – Friday June 6
Monday July 7 – Friday July 11
(ongoing, every 5 weeks)
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
Where: 320 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
If you are interested in helping, please contact Jon Muha, Walk-in Ministry Co-chair, at 724-831-3847.

More Volunteer Opportunities in Pittsburgh

If data entry isn’t your thing and you are looking for other places to volunteer check out Pittsburgh Cares, which is an organization that exists to match volunteers to organizations that need help.

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