Made in Pittsburgh: Gandy Bars


dulcimer kit -

A Gandy Bar, is definitely not a candy bar – but is a whole lot of fun.  A Gandy bar is a three stringed instrument that is a cross between a dulcimer and a guitar.  Each gandy bar is made by hand by Gad and Andy right here in Pittsburgh.

You can purchase a complete  Gandy Bar or a kit to make your own Gandy Bar at home.

Visit to purchase or stop my the IMadeIt Market today (Saturday, May 24, 2014 – apologies to our email readers who might not see this post till the workweek) at South Side works to say hello to Andy and try one out.

Here is a video of Andy explaining the instrument:

Details for the IMadeIt Market on Saturday, May 24.

Pittsburgh Craft Market SouthSide Works


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