3 Pittsburgh Nonprofits: Haitian Families First, Assemble, The Education Law Center

One of the things I’ve been trying to do here on the blog is to share more about the nonprofits that are working on important issues here in Pittsburgh.  This is the first post of what I hope will become a weekly series where Pittsburghers share three nonprofit organizations.  Have three favorite nonprofit organizations that you would like to share?  Click here to submit your list.

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Three Pittsburgh Nonprofits…

Haitian Families First @HaitianFam1st
Ali and Jamie get right down to the hard work. They are all action and more action when it comes to making a difference in the lives of Haitian families.

Assemble @AssemblePGH
Assemble is a nonprofit that succeeds by doing. Assemble’s learning parties connect kids and adults over a shared energy for exploring science, tech, education, art and math. Kids often aren’t getting access to quality education in these fields at school, and Assemble brings it right into the City’s neighborhoods with an open door and a smile.

The Education Law Center @edlawcenterpa
The Education Law Center confronts inequality and injustice in education, both on the policy level, and on the individual litigation level. They fight for all kids in Pennsylvania to have access to a quality education. Nancy Potter, one of the Education Law Center’s attorneys, is a friend of mine and she is intelligent, devoted, and a true believer in the value of fighting for kids’ education.

What is the best way to get involved?
The best way to get involved in Haitian Families First is by shooting an email to Viv Croft, their Pittsburgh Operations head, and telling her you want to help! Their most immediate and pressing need is always funding, and they are extremely flexible to work with. HFF has extremely low overhead, so when you volunteer to raise funds for them, you have the satisfaction of knowing that the money is going right to the on-the-ground needs of Haitian families.

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