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  • Erika at Creative Reuse

    We would love it if you would add Creative Reuse to this list! And then sometime soon we’ll have to have a conversation about reuse vs. recycling. Both matter, but reuse needs a brighter spotlight.

  • Ashley Bartko

    Does the city offer [to purchase I’d assume] a container for recyclables? Putting recycylable things in blue bags is getting a little old…

    • Pete

      Same feeling here, except I’m new to the city and can’t wrap my head around the idea of buying blue bags just to have them taken away with my recycling items (then buying them again and again like I do with trash bags). Seems like a lot of needless waste (and a racket for the blue bag producers!).

      • rpostwvu

        Giant eagle bags are blue no need to buy. I have a blue tupperware that I happened to have which came from

  • Newbers

    Thanks for the info, sorry you didn’t include *what* can be recycled curbside; in Seattle it’s all glass and metal, only certain shapes of plastic containers and sizes of lids, so it’s not obvious! Also your link to the recycle schedule is already obsolete; thanks, City of Pgh!

  • orison squirrel

    city of pukeburgh is as dumb as a box of rocks… 20times they have bypassed my curb street pickup , ;its getting old..