Tis the season to help others…

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

I wanted to put up a post highlighting some of the incredible things that Pittsburghers are doing to help other Pittsburghers in need this season.

I was writing the email about the 12 giveaways of Christmas last night and watching the local news – which was an impressive collection of stories of Pittsburhgers – and many anonymously – coming together and helping others in need.

I’ve exchanged several emails with others this week – and the need this year in Pittsburgh is very real.  Thank you to everyone who has made an effort to make someones holiday season a little bit brighter this year.

There are still many organizations that can use your help this holiday season and I know many people want to give.  If you know of an organization that needs help or donations – please let us know leave a comment below and we’ll update the list.



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