Steel of the Week – A Year of Movies At Row House Cinema

row-house-cinemaThanks to the IheartPGH Twitter followers for the heads up on this Indiegogo campaign.   It has been awhile since we’ve posted about a crowdfunding project in Pittsburgh (which isn’t 100% true – thanks to the readers of IheartPGH who helped to crowdfund my seat on the Millennial Trains Project).

Sometimes – you just need to go to the movies and sadly there aren’t that many movie theaters left in the city if Pittsburgh.  I believe the Manor theater in Sq. Hill is the only theater left in the city limits.

Thankfully, some Pittsburghers are looking to bring a movie theater to Lawrenceville.  The folks behind Row House Cinema have put together a lovely video to tell you about this project.  And they have put together some incredible thank you gifts – while the engraved seats have already sold out – you can still pick up some movie passes or even free movies for a year.

Row House Cinema Indiegogo Campaign from Brian Mendelssohn on Vimeo.

Row House Cinema Indiegogo Campaign

I’m hopeful that I can talk these guys into showing more Pittsburgh related movies – it would be great to be able to see The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh or Flashdance on the big screen.

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  • TN

    The only theater left in City Limits? There aren’t many but not as few as one. Southside Works Cinema, The Harris Theater, The Regent Square Theater and the Melwood Screening Room. Excited to welcome Rowhouse among them and hopefully it won’t be the last.

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    • Breen

      My thoughts exactly. And Waterworks Cinema.