The “Yinz”-ternship: Commonwealth Press, Knit the Bridge, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and more

Note: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are NOT IheartPGH interns

Note: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are NOT IheartPGH interns

What is it that the interns at IheartPGH spend most of their time doing all week? Well, aside from writing posts and helping to develop the web and social media content of IheartPGH, we take field trips and get out of the office and into the ‘Burgh frequently to check out what’s happening!

Just in the past two weeks we stumbled upon the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest in Pittsburgh (Market Square) for the regional qualifier for the 4th of July competition in Coney Island.

Appetites for hot dogs still intact, we headed to Franktuary downtown for some delish dogs.
IMG_2817We also popped into Boutique 208, which was a part of the Project Pop-Up Pittsburgh Movement and is here to stay now.
Some of us even took a few tours of Techshop last week, learning all about the tools and projects housed there (look for upcoming posts on some of the exciting start-ups operating out of their space).

This past week we’ve done some really exciting stuff. On Monday, we took a trip down to the South Side to tour the “start-up accelerator” space, Alphalab, and met with some really awesome Pittsburgh entrepenuers. We also extensively toured and learned about the process of designing and printing at Commonwealth Press, and will mostly likely be working with them in creating and designing our new merchandise.

We also stopped to check out the Knit the Bridge project in which quilted railings and panels will be used to cover the Warhol Bridge. It’s a really amazing idea and there has been an outstanding amount of participation from the community.

Outside of Knit the Bridge Pittsburgh

Outside of Knit the Bridge Pittsburgh

A couple of us met with Brett from OnlyinPgh at Zeke’s to brainstorm and share ideas about a photo submission we’re thinking of starting here at IheartPGH since Brett has had a lot of valuable experience to share with us. Keep a lookout for photo submission contests as well and get snapping!

A lot of the times when we’re out taking these tours and seeing the really cool things going on in the Pittsburgh area, we’re taking pictures. Many of these pictures are posted on our Instagram, FOLLOW US! You can also stay up to date through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here are some of the choice pictures from our past few “field trips”:

So where should the interns head next? What exciting and fun events are going on next week? Leave a comment, Facebook or Tweet us!

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