what-should-i-eat-appleWhatShouldIEatInstead.com allows users to get instant answers about health and nutrition from a registered dietitian, over text. The new service is being tested tonight over dinner, from 5-7pm.  The service is free and users phone numbers are kept safe. To start using the service, users simply text “hello” to (443) 333-9538

A $100 StartUp Project

Last week, Dave Mawhinney, Managing Director of CMU’s Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund, issued a challenge to two Pittsburgh entrepreneurs: build a new business in a week, for $100 or less. Mawhinney gave Adam Nelson and James Lomuscio, $100 in cash to complete the challenge.  The result WhatShouldIEatInstead.com, a web service that connects people to nutrition counselors to get instant answers to diet questions, and find healthy substitutes when the craving for junk food strikes.

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