Peepsburgh Banjo Club


A little Easter treat.  Every Wednesday evening is Banjo Night at the Elks Club on the North Side (the Elks club is the big building across from the Giant Eagle).  Admission is free and from 8-11 pm – live banjo music.  (You can read more about Banjo Night from PopCity Media and Everything Better Pittsburgh) […]

Intro to Kayaking – Indoors at the YMCA


One of the hobbies that I have picked up here in Pittsburgh in the past few years in kayaking.   Thanks to Kayak Pittsburgh it is super easy to rent a kayak and paddle around the city.  And it is one of the best ways to see the city.  I am pretty sure I took […]

IheartPGH Bracket Challenge – You Still Have Time to Enter


It’s basketball time again!  In years past we have put together a IheartPGH Bracket Group.  By popular request, we are using Yahoo’s bracket manager again this year. You still have time to submit your bracket!  Here are the details from Yahoo: The First Four games are not counted in Tourney Pick’em. Deadline to submit your […]

5 Candidates Confirmed to Attend Mayoral Debate on March 17

This Sunday, March 17, 2012 there will be a Mayoral Debate hosted by the local Pittsburgh Youth and Government chapter in conjunction with The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies (A local Pittsburgh Public High School).   There are just about 2 months until election day and there are now a lot of candidates running […]

CMU Robot Tackles An Important Task


Meet HERB (Home Exploring Robotic Butler) who was developed at Carnegie Mellon’s Personal Robotics Lab. HERB has finally tackled an important and difficult problem – how to separate an Oreo Cookie. Thanks to Chris Briem @ NullSpace for sharing this video. Here are a whole bunch of articles (with some humous titles) about HERB and oreo cookies  … Sure, […]

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