Fish FRYdays, Night of the Living Dead, Food Festivals & Oscar Party


Here are the links for all of the great stuff we discussed on WDVE this morning.  We are on live most Friday mornings at 6:45 am. Happy FRYday!  If you are one of my grades school classmates you can't say the word Friday with out thinking of  Mr. Hazlett, our history teacher, who would say every Friday - happy shake-n-bake day. Fish fry season is here and someone has put together an AMAZING map of all the fish fries around Western PA. Check out the Pittsburgh Lenten Fish Fry Map here … [Read more...]

Happening This Week


American Idiot Tuesday - Sunday Heinz Hall, Cultural District An all-new musical based on Green Day’s Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum album. More info/tickets:   Night Of The Living Dead Friday 5p Senator John Heinz History Center, Strip District This classic, locally-made 1968 horror movie is the terrifying take of a group of people trapped in a rural farmhouse who are attacked by unnamed "living dead" monsters. Ghostly … [Read more...]

highlighting collaboration in Pittsburgh: NExMW


One of the questions that keeps coming up at many of the entrepreneurship related events around town - "Are you going to SXSW this year?" There are lots of great Pittsburgh companies that are headed to SXSW and I know there are some Pittsburgh events planned in Austin. But it occurred to me:  why should those who cannot get to Austin miss out on all the fun.  So I would like to throw an idea out and see what you think: Northeast x Midwest  (NExMW), a series of events here in Pittsburgh … [Read more...]

TechShop Preview, Classic Pgh Movies and Lots of Events for Food Lovers in Pgh


Pittsburgh is for LOVERS!  This weekend Pittsburgh is also a perfect place for FOOD lovers!  Just because the calendar has moved past February 14 - doesn't mean there are many great ways to celebrate with your sweetheart or with our sweetheart - the city of Pittsburgh.  Lots of great loved themed events for this President's day weekend from some of the places in Pittsburgh that we love! Pittsburgh is for FOOD LOVERS too - be sure to check out some of the events on Monday evening - the food … [Read more...]

Get a Sneak Peek of the New TechShop Pittsburgh on Saturday


Next month - the newest location of TechShop will open right here in Pittsburgh.  This is a big deal....   1. because TechShop is pretty cool place - I'll get to that in a minute 2. The fact that TechShop choose Pittsburgh for their next location speaks to the kinds of things that are happening with innovation, entrepreneurship, design and development in Pittsburgh. I was just asking some of my coworkers if their kids were excited for Valentine's day.  In grade school I loved … [Read more...]