Ringing in the New Year with Bar Marco

So the dilemma was this: New Year’s Eve was approaching and I had nothing to do that I hadn’t done before. When suddenly out of the sky falls Bar Marco’s niche bash, including all-you-can-drink, all-you-can-eat, and a burlesque show… problem solved.

Having only been to Bar Marco once, I had only somewhat of an idea what the clientele and drink selections were. I arrived to a swanky cocktail party filled with people dressed to the nines. The upstairs hall was subtly-lit with red spotlights and candles on a bunch of small tables. For the first time in recent memory, this was also a party with music just loud enough, but not too loud to drown out conversation. Kudos to you, sound crew.

Drink and food service was quick and with a smile. I personally can’t imagine having to tend bar on New Year’s Eve, but they did it with gusto. The tip jar overfloweth, and rightly so.

There’s something unique about conversing with total strangers about the merits of gun control and the finer points of Libertarianism, followed by a tasteful burlesque show. The new year was rung in by everyone with much rejoicing and champagne spillage.

The only downside to the evening was the coat situation. No rack or check was provided, which created a bottleneck at the exit at the end of the night. We’ll excuse it for everything else excellent about the party.

I highly recommend Bar Marco’s New Year’s Eve bash for next year, supposing they host again. It was every bit as fun as First Night, only warmer and with burlesque. So, I’d say that it actually one-ups First Night.

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