Pitt-Starter: The Brew Gentlemen Are Bringing a Brewery to Braddock

There is just 2 days left on this Kickstarter project, and these guys have already passed their goal to raise $25,000.  They have even passed their 2nd goal to raise $30,000.

But I wanted to share their video anyways.  I met these two gentlemen last year at the first Grub With Us dinner last January – you can read a recap of the dinner here.  This is a cool little video and gives you an intro to their brewery and Braddock.  But I also think that the Brew Gentlemen is a great example of something happening in the local economy and it is the opposite of Pittsburgh brain-drain. We spend alot of time talking about folks growing up here and not coming back to town and we often overlook the the stories of those who come to Pittsburgh and decide to stay – which is just as important.

Matt and Asa (aka The Brew Gentlemen) came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon.  Before they graduated they started working on their business and less than a year later – they have started a new business in Braddock.

You can read more about their brewery on The Brew Gentlemen blog here.  They have been posting about their new space in Braddock, updates to their Kickstarter campaign, beer events around Pittsburgh and more.  Even if you don’t give to the Kickstarter campaign – and they do have some cool rewards – keep these guys on your radar.

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